Confirm Meeting Appointment Letter Sample

Confirm Meeting Appointment Letter Sample for business meetings, sales meetings, interview meetings, discussion meetings etc.

Confirm Business Meeting Appointment with Boss

Dear Mr. Brian,

I am writing to you to confirm that you have a business appointment on the 12.12.(Date) at 10. The Street NR30 2LH Lowestoft Suffolk UK. With Mr. Jerold.

Thank you.

Mr. Jerold

Confirm Meeting Appointment Email

Cape Industries Co. Ltd.,
United Kingdom,

Dear Sir,

This letter is to inform you that your request for an appointment has been accepted. Your meeting will be arranged tomorrow with the Owner of the company. Please come on the requested time otherwise you will miss the meeting.


Cape Industries Ltd

Confirmation of Meeting Appointment

Dear Ms. Mashaal,

Thank you very much for requesting meeting appointment to discuss the issues faced by your company. Mr. James, CEO have nominated Ms. Areeba for this meeting as requested. We hope all of the issues will be resolved in the meeting. The meeting venue, date, and time will be the same as said by you.


Manager Corporate Communication

Letter to Conform Meeting Appointment

Dear Ms. Anum Fatima,

I presented your letter to our president, and he agreed for the meeting on agenda said in your request letter. Furthermore the time slot suggested by you is not convenient for us. We can be available on very next day at the same time.

Please check this time slot for you, and write back to confirm about the meeting. Otherwise we can have a new schedule for the meeting in case of your non availability on the next day. Looking for your response.

Sincerely Yours,

Abeera Fatima
Company Secretary

Email to Meeting Appointment Confirmation

Dear Ms. Maryam,

Thank you very much for your reply, and sparing time for meeting with us. I will reach with my colleagues (Mr. Hashim, and Ms. Anum) at 11 AM for sales team meeting as suggested by you. We will also bring all the reports, and documents for discussion. Again thanks for your time.

Sincerely yours,

Kanz ul Eman
Manager Corporate Sales

Meeting Appointment Sample Letter

Dear Ms. Mehreen,

I am pleased to write back with confirmation of meeting appointment with Marketing Team. I hope all the staff of marketing team will be present in the meeting with performance reports. Meeting agenda is enclosed with this letter, and I request you to please distribute this agenda to all meeting participants. Hope to see you in the conference room for meeting on Tuesday at 11 AM.


Sumbal Arif
Director Marketing

Letter to Conform Meeting Appointment
Letter to Conform Meeting Appointment

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