Final Payment Letter to Contractor

Sample letter to contractor for informing him about making the final payment and settlements when finishing or ending the contract.

Final Payment Letter to Contractor

Dear Concern,

This letter informs you about the dispatch of your payment against the construction project you completed last month dated (Date) for this company. The transaction for the amount of 30,000 USD has been made to (payee name). Reference no for verification is 50CXDS. Kindly acknowledge us aback for the payment confirmation in reply to this official letter.

Thanks, and Best Regards

Finance Manager

Final Payment Email Letter to Vendor

Dear Mr. Brad,

This is to notify that I have paid the final amount as per the contract. So now all payments are cleared, and in the end, I want to thank you for your professional services and for completing this project timely. Looking at your services, I will surely recommend you to my friends whenever required. Good luck to you with your future projects.

Best Regards,

Bob Hopkins

Final Payment Letter to Contractor

Dear Mr. Adam Jarrah,

Sir, I am writing this letter with a joyful heart as I am delighted with your work in constructing my new house. I gave you the order to build my house exactly a year ago, and I’m surprised as well as amazed with the brilliant work you and your team have done in such a short time.

As per the contract, I have already made all the payments on time, and with this letter, I have transferred the final payment to your bank account. I wish to work with you in the future, and I wish you and your company great success. Thank you for the excellent services you have provided us.

Yours sincerely,

Robert William

Paid in Full Letter to Contractor

Mr. Jeff Peter,

Dear Sir,

I have been trying to reach you out but could not find you anyway. You are well aware of our contract which is about to end, but its last payment was due on us. I have consulted with our accountant, who has cleared your account with us. The final payment after calculating is what I have attached with this letter. A copy of the detailed payment history is also attached. If there will be any confusion even now, you are most welcome to reach me anytime.

It was a good experience working with you.



Request Letter for Full & Final Payment

The Managing Director,

Dear Sir,

With reference to the subject cited above, it is submitted that our company has completed the assigned task of fixing tiles in the head office building. The concerned station in charge has also issued a satisfactory report of the finished work.

Therefore, you are requested to please process the bill of full payment at your earliest.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Request Letter for Full Payment to Contractor

Dear Sir,
As per our contract, a proportion supply of tiles has been delivered to the construction site. However, further delivery is delayed due to insufficient funds. Hence it is becoming hard for me to keep up the supply as required. Moreover, prices of tiles in the market also keep fluctuating; thus, the supply is interrupted. That is why I couldn’t pay enough to perform the task to our requirements.

This delay can affect the overall progress of the project. To overcome these obstacles, I need a full payment so I can finalize demanded supply according to the contract. I can pace up with the current progress of construction if payment is provided as a whole sum.

I appreciate your consideration.


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