Short of Payment Letter for Recovery to Clients

Short of Payment Letter notice for Recovery from company clients, customers, distributors, cardholders. Best recovery letter for bank, insurance, financial institutions for credit recovery letter, debt recovery letter, or payment recovery letter from customers, clients, business partners, etc.

Request Letter for Recovery of Payment to Clients

Dear Sir,
I am writing to remind you of the payment of supplies delivered last month on (date). We received the 30% advance payment, and the rest of the amount total of $4590 is still pending.

I request you to please issue our payment immediately. Your cooperation in this regard will be appreciated.
Sincerely Yours,
(Your Name)

Reminder Letter for Missed Payment

Dear electro soft put limited director.

I am writing to you because I would like to discuss the missed payment that your company has failed to pay. I want to remind you of the bill due date. You have to pay one the third of every month. Due to you missing the bill due date last month, I would like you to pay early before this date for the month that you have missed, and for the upcoming month.

Your bill number is 4827 49832 dates before 03.07.16 the amount is three hundred thousand pounds 150 000 for one month, and 150 000 for next month. If you fail to pay this by the due date, then we will have no choice but to go to court, and get a court order to take by force. If you can’t give us money, then we will take your property with that same value as what you owe us.

I’m sure that you don’t want this any more than we do, so I hope you can pay for this, and don’t have to go any further. I look forward to hearing back, and seeing what you have to do.

Kind regards

Mr. Simon Show

Sample Recovery Letter Format

Mr. Asif Ali
Manager Administration
DHA, Lahore

Subject: Short of Payment Notice

Dear Asif Ali,

Reference to your paid amount, you have deducted the amount of FAF $1992/- in the OCT-(Date) bill, but as per the agreement, you have to pay Fuel charges every month according to fuel prices increase, or decrease. Secondly, the payment of Nov-16 is overdue & you also received the current month’s invoice. Please pay all pending dues before the 10th of this month for the smooth running of the account.

Looking forward to your early response in this regard.

Babar Shoukat
Business Development Manager

Short of Payment Letter for Recovery
Short of Payment Letter for Recovery

Payment Recovery Letter Template

The Finance Manager,
Zimco Trading Company.
Los Angeles. USA

Dear Sir,

I am writing to remind you that your payment date for the consignment, which we sent you on Saturday 22 January, has elapsed. We have not received your payment yet. This is to inform you that we provide a time of one month to our valued customers for payment. Your deadline was on yesterday.

Kindly ensure that the payment is credited to our account as early as possible to continue working together in the future. And, make sure to refrain from delayed payments in the future.

Yours sincerely,

Adam Gilchrist
Finance Manager
Dravid Trading Co.

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