Bank Payment Voucher Format in Excel

Sample Bank Payment Voucher Format in Excel to make payments to clients, suppliers, donations through online banking or payment cheques. This is a business document to keep record of payments with all the details like Payee name, account of payment, date, cheque number, amount, approved by, signed by, checked by and receiver’s signature.

Bank Payment Voucher in Excel Format
Bank Payment Voucher in Excel Format

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Bank payment voucher used to make payment through cheques, cross cheques for many purposes. Some time companies only make payments through banks and the get this voucher signed before issuing the payment cheque or at the time of issuing the payment cheque.

This payment voucher also used to make advance payments to clients, suppliers or to make pending/previous payments. This voucher actually a payment proof signed by the payment giver and the payment receiver.

General Ledger Format in Excel Free Download

Sample General Ledger format in Excel sheet available as example for accounts department of companies, factories, import and export offices, small offices, production units to record the payments of customers and clients.

Usage Instructions:

Please download the ledger file in excel format and put your company and client information in the header of the general ledger. In the below section we have few entries as example for your understanding. Please remove those entries and put your client transaction information into the ledger entries area. Any amount you receive will be placed in Credit and any amount remaining for payment you will post in into Debit section accordingly.

Sample General Ledger Example

General Ledger: TopDocuments
Semi Corp
Party Name & Address: TopDocuments, Leeds, UK
Date Description Bill # Qty. Rate Value Debit Credit Balance
12,980  Dr
10-Oct-10 Big White Sticker Hanger 721 5500 Pcs 0.9 4,950 4,950 17,930  Dr
19-Oct-10 14,000 3,930  Dr
5-Nov-10 Big White Sticker Hanger 767 55200 Pcs 0.9 49,680 49,680 53,610  Dr

Image View of the Ledger Example in Excel

General Ledger in Excel Free Download
General Ledger in Excel Free Download

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Payment Voucher Format in Ms Excel Free Download

Sample Payment Voucher Format in excel available for free download.  Please download the free format from links at bottom. You can use this as cash payment voucher or cheque payment voucher form company. You can customize it as per your needs. Best voucher for companies, factories, production units, mills, schools, colleges, universities etc.

Payment Voucher Format


(A Printing Services Company)


Voucher No:
Company Name: [ABC Co] Saturday, March 17, 2017
Payment to: MR……..[Reciever] CASH
Serial No Payment Method Reference No Description Amount (Rs.)
CASH Cash Paid to Mr….. For ………… $5,600.00
Total:- $5,600.00
Memo: FIVE THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED US Dollars Only———————–
______________ ____________ ______________ ___________
Received by       (Name & sign) Accountant [Prepared By] Accounts Manager                                       [Approving Authority] CEO/Director [Approving Authority]

Sample image of attached Payment Voucher

Cash Payment Voucher in ms Excel
Cash Payment Voucher in ms Excel

Payment voucher used to keep record of all the payments issued to clients, suppliers, employees for all purposes in the accounts department. For more payment voucher formats please use our search box.

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