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Sample Letter Asking Permission to Conduct Seminar

Request Letter to send to principal while asking for permission to conduct a seminar which will be for the awareness of students of the school/college/university.

Letter Asking Permission to Conduct Seminar

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter to you so that I can ask for your permission, that I want to conduct a seminar on health issues in youth. So please allow me to conduct it on 12th of this month kindly. It would be a huge favor for me. Hoping for positive response.



Miss Emily

Sample Letter Asking Permission to Conduct Seminar

 Dear Sir/Madam,

I sent this letter to you for asking permission to conduct a seminar for the newly hired employees. As you know that this year a large number of employees have been selected to fulfill the demand of our company which is now a operating on large scale so it would be difficult for me as a manager to give them briefing separately.

I was thinking if we can conduct a seminar in which they will be told about the company and basic rules and regulations. Even if they have queries after this then they can surely come to my office anytime. Furthermore, this way they will also get a chance to socialize with the other employees which will help them in settling in. I have attached a draft which contains the sequence of the segments in the seminar along with the date and the segment’s respective timing.

You may contact me for any further queries or clarification. I would be very grateful to you if you grant me the permission to conduct the seminar.

Best Regards,

Ali Noor



Farewell Letter to Employee

I want to send letter for farewell ceremony to retired person in our office . Format of farewell letter to the employee who has worked in the office for a long period of time and now he is retiring.

Farewell Letter to Employee from Colleagues

Respected Sir,

I hope you are doing great in health. As you are now retired and served our company about 15 years, this is our duty to give you farewell party.  So all staff is arranging a farewell party for you on Saturday 25th January at 5 pm

It would be a great source of pleasure for us. Please come we will be looking forward for you.


Mahnoor Imran
CEO (company’s Name)

Farewell Letter to Employee

Dear Mr. Goldstein,

I have come to know that you will be leaving our company within the next coming week and retiring.

You have been a valuable asset to our company over the past few years, and I would like to appreciate all the work that you have done. People like you have kept this company running exceptionally.

I wish you all the best for your retirement and your future.

Yours truly,

Dave Peterson

Farewell Letter to Employee

To the Employee,

Dear Employee,

Hope you are doing well. I received a resignation letter from you last week saying that you will not be able to work in this office as you are shifting to other city.

Your request has been improved by the CEO and this is a farewell letter. You will be given a cheque on next Monday as a commission for the services you have offered to the company. You were a very punctual, disciplined and active employee from the beginning and I hope you work with the same ardor in the future too.

We have spent a good time together and all of us will miss you. We are always here if you ever need any sort of assistance. Best of luck for your future.

Best Regards,

Ahmed Jawad

Manager High Tech Communication

23rd September 2018

Complaint Letter on Missing Items

Format of complaint letter to the manager of the office and telling them how the things are keep on missing on each day and request him to look into this matter

Missing Goods Complaint Letter

The vendor,
Toronto, Canada

I am a regular customer of yours and we have been dealing for quite a few months now. Yesterday evening I ordered my packaging items as usual but to my shock I received almost 4 boxes less of the glue I ordered and 5 boxes less of the cardboard.

I had to close my factory for today as I had no production items left. Kindly resend my items as soon as you can, so that I can start the production phase again. Attached are my order numbers and my order receipts.

Thanking you,

Complaint Letter on Missing Items

Dear Manager,

I wrote this letter to you to file a complaint regarding missing office’s items. Last week, I kept a few items including stationary, files and some packages in the store room of 2nd Floor. The store is always locked and only I along with the janitor have the access to the room.

Yesterday when I went to the store room to get some stationary items as per request of some employees, I was shocked to see that the stationary and the packages were not in the store room! Only the files were present and when I opened them they were also empty. I immediately confronted the Janitor as beside me he is the only one who has the keys to the store room but he told me that he has no knowledge of this whatsoever. I consulted a few other employees whose tables are near the store room but they also did not witness anyone coming out of store room. I have been working in the office since 7 years but this is the first time that such incident took place. I did not inform you about this yesterday because I thought that someone might have taken the items for use or maybe on any senior officer’s order. However, now I am sure that is not the case.

Kindly, create an investigation committee on this and if there is any other information required then you may call me anytime. Thank you.

Best Regards,

Ali Haider

In-charge Logistics

Request letter to Collect School uniform

Sample Permission letter By Uniform Making Company to send tailored uniforms.

Permission letter to school officer for supplying school uniform


The manager, Kindergarten school

Respected sir,

I am writing this letter to inform you that one of your employees visited us last month and after complete satisfaction he gave us order of 500 school uniforms. I would like to inform you that your order for the school uniform is ready to dispatch. We were continuously trying to contact your representative but failed. I request you to inform us the date to deliver your order. We are waiting for your response.


Allied uniforms

Request letter to Collect School uniform

Dear Parents,

This is to inform you that the winter uniforms of the students from class 2nd to 9th are now available at The City School Ravi Campus. You can come from 23rd September 2018 to 29th September 2018 between the times 12:00 – 03:00pm for the collection of your child’s uniform.

As the amount of the uniform was already added in the August / September Fee circular, so you do not need to pay any sort of charges. Furthermore, as a proof that you have paid the amount of the uniform please bring the copy of paid fee circular so we can keep the record of the students who have received the uniform. Once you are at the campus, go to Admin Office and they will hand over your package after taking signatures.

For any queries or information, feel free to contact the Admin Office. Thank you.

Warm Regards,

Admin Office

The City School, Ravi Campus

Letter Asking for Textbooks

Format of request letter to ask your school administration for some textbooks as they are yet of no avail.

Request for Some Text Books for Class 1 to 5

Dear head teacher,

I am writing to you because I would like to request to have some text books for some of the students from classes one to five. I think that it is crucial for young kids to get the right learning and to do this they need the right tools for learning. If they want to have a good future and have a good life then they need to have a good education. For each class there are 30 children times that by five and there are 150 kids that need new text books. I hope that you grant us this as we really need this.

Kind regards,

My. Barry Bones

Letter Asking for Textbooks

Dear Faisal,

I hope you are doing well. How is the new academic year going? I am writing this letter to ask you for some help. The new school year has begun and excitement is at its peak. I cannot believe I have started high school this year. I have bought all my course books which was a mistake since the professor in our classes suggested us some other books that we need to buy for research purposes. I visited the book store yesterday but the books I need are very expensive. I visited the old book shop as well to find a used copy that I could get but they do not have any available. Since you have already completed the ninth grade I was hoping you could help me out and lend me your books. I would be very grateful if you could help me out.

I will anxiously be waiting for you response. Best of luck for the school year ahead!

Best Regards,

Bilal Ali

Sample Letter By Parents To Principal Demanding Free Education

Format of sample letter to principal by parents of students demanding fee waiver for deserving students as the fees is getting really high making it impossible for these children to get quality education.

Sample Letter Application For Tuition Fee Waiver Of Deserving Students


The principal, Learning circle School

Respected sir,

I am writing this letter to bring it to your knowledge that I am a widow and I have 4 children. I am facing financial crises. We are living at grass root level. I want my kids to study and to become something and stand firmly in the society and for that the basic unit is good education. I am not in a position to afford the tuition fee of my son and for that I would like to request you to grant him free education. He is an intelligent boy and wants to study. He always gets good grades, he deserve to study higher. Please cooperate with us. We all shall be thankful to you.

I am looking forward to your response.


Mrs. James Brad

Sample Letter by Parents to Principal Demanding Free Education

Respected Principal,

With all due respect, I am writing this letter on behalf of all the parents to demand for free education.

Education is not a privilege but a basic right and everyone has a right to free and good quality education. A lot of parents sacrifice a lot to make sure their child gets a fine education. I know of many cases in which parents sell their assets so they can fund their child’s education which is not an easy task. The heavy tuition fee of schools puts an intense burden on the parent’s shoulders which needs to be lifted. Along with the heavy tuition fee, parents have to pay for books, supplies and other expenses as well which is troublesome. It is our request to look into this issue and inculcate free education within your system.

I hope you will recognize our situation and fulfill our demand.

Best Regards,

Bilal Ali

Register Mobile Number to Bank

Format of sample letter to bank to register your number with your bank account as it will provide a proof of further identification.

Register Mobile Number to Bank


The Branch Manager

Barclays, UK.

Sir, I have been a user of your world renowned bank for almost a decade now. I have been satisfied with the facilities and humble nature of your employees. As you know that this is the era of modern technology and up-to-date mobile services help me on daily basis. However I have decided to change my mobile number due to some reasons therefore I decided to inform you that my previous number would not be in use now and I would like to receive all bank related services on the given number in post script. I shall be very thankful to you.

Josh Green


Birmingham, UK.

Register Mobile Number to Bank

To the Bank of Punjab,

Dear Bank Manager,

Last week, I requested for a new bank account of our company: High Tech Communication. However, there was a bit confusion regarding the mobile number which was to be added in the data of the account user.

As it is a company account so I did not know which number to give but now I have asked the CEO of the company and as the account is under my name and I will be handling all the transactions and payments so please register the mobile number _______ to my the data. In case of any emergency or important notice, if this number is not available then you can contact on this number: ____________.

Kindly make these changes as soon as possible as the company transactions are made on daily basis and I can keep a check on them. I would be very grateful to you.

Best Regards,

Manager High Tech Communication

Contact: _________


Sample Letter to Speed up Visa Processing

Example Of Request Letter By a Student  whose classes are about to begin

Request letter to speed up visa processing by A Student


The US Embassy, Kuwait

Respected sir,

With all my due respect, I am writing this letter to request you to speed up my visa processing as my classes will be starting after 2 weeks. My admission is confirmed in the California University and I have also submitted the fee as well. My tickets are also ready and all the formalities have been done. Please find attached all the related proofs/ documents. I request you again to consider my issue and put me on first priority. I shall be really thankful to you, looking forward to a positive response.

Yours sincerely,

David Smith

Sample Letter to Speed up Visa Processing


To the Embassy of Canada

Respected Sir/Madam,

With due respect, I wrote this letter to you regarding my temporary residence visa application. I sent the application on 26th September 2018 and received an automatic reply that my application has been successfully submitted.

At that time my status changed to submitted, however it has been more than 9 weeks and the status is still the same. It did not even change to review. I applied from Pakistan and the processing time for the country is 8 weeks. My application was for November intake and my semester will start on 9th November 2018. Kindly assist me with this issue and speed up the visa processing if possible because I do not want to miss my classes and the orientation week as that would make it difficult for me to adjust later. In addition to this, if there is still more time left in the visa processing so please let me know so that I may defer my course for January intake.

You may contact me for further confirmation. I would be very grateful to you.

Best Regards,

Fatima Aamir

Letter for Maintenance of UPS Batteries

Format of letter to send to the company from where you have previously bought UPS batteries and now its time to of their check up of maintenance.

Mail to Manager That Ups Batteries Are Down

Mr. Adnan Malik I am sending this mail to you so that I can tell you about the ups batteries problem. Yesterday I was in office at night and at almost 11 o’clock the electricity gone all of a sudden, ups on at the moment for about 15 minutes and after that they stopped working, and when I checked their condition I came to know that batteries need service.

Please check them and inform me. Do this soon as workers are facing problems while doing work.


Letter for Maintenance of UPS Batteries

To: OSAKA Repair Dept., Tokyo, Japan

I am writing in regards to the UPS Batteries I had purchased 3 years ago. The batteries used to perform very well.
However as of late, the batteries are unable to properly hold a charge. During power outages the ceiling fan has extremely low speeds and the lights around the house tend to flicker.

I request that a serviceman come as soon as possible to repair and/or replace the batteries.

Jin Mikoyan
Tokyo, Japan

Letter for Maintenance of UPS Batteries

Dear Manager,

I send this letter to request you for the maintenance of the UPS batteries in our office. According to the record, it has been two years since the maintenance of batteries and many of them have started to cause problems.

Their lives have gotten very short and they do not supply electricity to the fans and lights for enough time period. Also many make beeping noises when the light is out and turns on and off continually. It is really inconvenient for everyone present in the office to work due to the scorching heat. In addition to this, if we turn on the generators when the UPS do not work then the noise disturbs the employees who are in the PR department.

Kindly look into the matter and grant me the permission so I can place an order for maintenance services. I would be very thankful to you.

Warm Regards,

Ali Noor

In-charge Logistics Department


Letter Reminding What Was Discussed

Sample format of letter reminding someone what was discussed in the previous meetings , what things did you agree upon, what was the points you took into consideration and what was your actual plan.

Reminding Letter What Was Discussed

The CEO,
XYZ Firm.

Respected Sir,
I just joined your firm a month ago, you might remember me as the one of masters from abroad as I was the only applicant with that distinction. Sir, when we talked about my pay cheque it was clearly decided that you’ll be paying me (XXX$) amount monthly however, when I received my pay cheque yesterday it was way less than what was discussed and decided.

I know you’re very busy with all the projects coming up and I think that because of the work burden you might’ve forgotten what was actually discussed. Kindly take time out of your busy schedule and write to the HR reminding the department about my actual salary so that I can cash it as soon as I can. Your concern will be highly appreciated.

Thanking you,


Letter reminding on what was discussed in Last Counselling Session

 Dear Fatima,

Hope you are doing well. Last Monday, you came to visit our office in Gulberg regarding your university choices and visa processing. I wrote this letter to you as a reminder of what was discussed in the meeting so you do not miss anything.

First, we decided to search for universities which offer maximum scholarship and you were given a list of universities. You are supposed to search your programs in them and highlight the final ones which are most suitable for you. When you are done with this task, email the names to me as soon as soon possible so I can further look into them.

Furthermore, the checklist of visa documents which was given to you is also needed by our visa counselor along with all the documents so he can check them and notify you if anything is left out or needs editing. Try to get both of the tasks done as soon as possible because this whole process is time taking and we would not want to miss the deadlines.

If you have any further queries, feel free to contact me.

Best Regards,

Meena Chahda

25th September 2018

Contact ________