Example of Resignation Letter for Sales Girl or Lady

Want to write a resignation letter as a sales girl or lady? We will be providing you with example resignation letters, but keep in mind before resigning, please arrange an alternative source of income like a new job, business, passive income source, and there are many other options. Example Resignation Letter for Sale Girl (No … Continue reading “Example of Resignation Letter for Sales Girl or Lady”

Resignation Letter with Notice Period Waiver

Want to write a resignation letter with a notice period waiver? We are giving you sample resignation letters to asking to waive the notice period. If you need a new letter, please let us know in the comments. resignation letter with notice period waiver Company Name,Address, City Subject: Resignation from the Post of “post name.” … Continue reading “Resignation Letter with Notice Period Waiver”

Request Final Payment Settlement After the Resignation

Want to write to request for final settlement payment after your resignation? We are giving you a sample letter to request your remaining payment from the company or employer. Request Letter for Final Settlement Payment After the Resignation Dear Sir, I want to request for release of my final payment. I resigned from the job … Continue reading “Request Final Payment Settlement After the Resignation”

Immediate Resignation Letter Sample Format

A resignation letter is a final notice employer leaving your job or employment. Normally immediate resignation letters remain short and mention one single reason only. This is the immediate resignation letter i personally submitted when during a meeting, a person talked to me with nonsense words and asked me to resign, so I am publishing … Continue reading “Immediate Resignation Letter Sample Format”

Resignation Letter for Higher Education/Studies from The Company

This letter can be written to the company for the resignation or a temporary gap from the office. You may modify the sample according to your needs, and circumstances. You can mold it according to your own situation. Resign Letter to Continue Higher Studies Dear Sir, I want to resign to concentrate on my studies(you … Continue reading “Resignation Letter for Higher Education/Studies from The Company”

Resignation Letter from Political Party

Sample resignation letter to submit to your political party to vacant your position, or joining other political party, or to join public office. Resign Letter from a Political Party Dear Sir, I hope you are doing great in health. I am writing this letter to you so that I can inform you about the problems … Continue reading “Resignation Letter from Political Party”

Resignation Letter with Complaint of Your Manager, Colleague, or Boss

Want to resign with a complaint of your manager, boss, or colleagues. Resign Letter As Well As Complaints about Colleagues Who Were not Supportive. Immediate Resignation with Complaint of Manager, Supervisor, Colleague or lower staff Dear Sir, I want to resign immediately because I have a problem with the manager and I can’t work with … Continue reading “Resignation Letter with Complaint of Your Manager, Colleague, or Boss”

Resignation Letter for Starting a Business

Sample resignation letter for starting a business. Resignation to start own business. Resignation letter due to family business. Resignation letter due to business opportunity. Email Resign Letter to Start My Own Business Dear Sir, I want to resign from my job because I am about to start my own business. For which I have to … Continue reading “Resignation Letter for Starting a Business”

Resignation Letter Due to Salary Issues/Problem

Sample Resign Letter due to salary problems like poor and insufficient salary package from the Employer or company. People resign for salary issues like low salary, salary deductions, pending salary, decreased salary, salary not being paid regularly, or salary delays. We provided multiple letters and applications to resign due to salary problems, but please let … Continue reading “Resignation Letter Due to Salary Issues/Problem”

Resignation Letter for Higher/Further Studies

Sample resignation Letter¬†for higher studies.¬†Letter from a employee requesting accept the resignation, and issue an experience certificate, and recommendation letter for admission in higher studies. Some companies appreciate the employee for higher education, and give many benefits to the employee interested in studies. Some employers offer scholarships for the employees some give paid leave, some … Continue reading “Resignation Letter for Higher/Further Studies”