Clearance Certificate for Students and Teachers

Sample clearance certificate for Universities, Colleges, and Schools for the clearance of students and teachers. The clearance certificate is a document used to leave school, college, university, or office and all the departments of the company or institute.

This certificate with a stamp to certify that they have no obligations upon his leaving the university. For instance accounts department sign this to certify that no dues are remaining/unpaid. Cafeteria sign that no credit is remaining.

Clearance Certificate Template for Students From School, College or University

To Whom It May Concern,

This is to certify that [Student’s Name], a student of [College Name], has completed all the academic requirements and has cleared all the dues for the [Degree/Program] program.

[Student’s Name] has attended classes regularly and has completed all the coursework, assignments, exams, and other academic activities required for the program. The student has also paid all the tuition fees, library fines, and any other charges related to their enrollment in the college.

As per the records of the college, [Student’s Name] has no outstanding debts or obligations to the college. The student is cleared to receive their [Degree/Diploma/Certificate] and is eligible to participate in the graduation ceremony.

This certificate is issued as a proof of [Student’s Name]’s clearance from the college and can be used as a requirement for further education, employment, or any other purpose.


[Your Name]

[Your Position]

[College Name]

CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE for School Students and Employees

Name:_____________   Father’s Name:_____________

Registration No: ____________  Semester: ______________

Program: _____________ Section: ________________

S. No.





Computer Lab/Server Room









Assistant Warden



Registration Branch



Concerned Head/Incharge of Departments





Additional Remarks (if any): _____________________

Student’s Signature

Clearance Certificate for Students, and Teachers (
Clearance Certificate for Students and Teachers (

The main purpose of the clearance certificate is to ensure that no issue should be raised regarding the candidate after the candidate leaves the company, school, etc. The candidate can use it to get a degree, certificate, experience letter, etc.

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