Employee Clearance Form Example

Want to make an employee clearance form? We are giving you a sample Employee Clearance Form for companies, schools, colleges, universities, and offices to get the in-writing clearance from employees, students, and clients.

Employee Clearance Form Page 1

AH Foundation

Clearance Certificate

Certified that there is nothing outstanding against Mr./Ms. _________

Designation ______ who is leaving the Job as (Manager) from (AH Foundation)

With Effect From ________  Head Office DHA, LHR

Section/Signatures ………………….

Store Section __________

Vocational Department ________

Canteen __________

Secretarial Department _________

Section Head _________

Manager Human Capital Development _________

Assistant Manager Administration ______

Manager Administration __________

Accounts Department _______

Marketing Department __________

Employee Clearance Form Page 2

AH Foundation


Name ______ Father Name ________

Designation ________

  1. Payable Salary for the Month of (if any)    __________
  2. Refundable Security Deposit                           __________
  3. Leave Encashment (if any)                            __________

Total _________


  1. Outstanding Loans (if any)      ________

Advance Salary _______

Tax _________

Net Payable _________

Figures in words. _____________________


I acknowledge the receipt of my full and final settlement of dues, including outstanding salary to date & security deposit, etc. I certify that nothing is due against (AH Foundation) on my behalf. Total amount received Rs. _____

Signature of Employee ______

Accounts Manager |HCD Manager | Director | President

Employee Clearance Form for Resigning, and Termination Page 1
Employee Clearance Form for Resigning and Termination Page 1
Employee Clearance Form for Resigning, and Termination Page 2
Employee Clearance Form for Resigning and Termination Page 2

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