No Objection Certificate from University, or College


This is a sample No Objection Certificate(NOC), or Migration Certificate Format for College, or University Students. You can download this free, and customize it as per your needs. Or simply get it print on the letterhead of the university. This certificate format can be used as a No Objection Letter as well.

Sample NOC Letter Format


Mr./Miss ________________________________

Son/Daughter of ___________________________

Registered No. _______________________ is informed that this university has no objection to his/her migration to another University for continuing his/her studies.




Certificate No…………

          Migration Certificate

Mr./Miss ________________________

Son/Daughter of:___________________

Registered No:_____________________

It is informed that Govt. College University Faisalabad has no objection to his/her migration to another University for continuing his/her education.

Date:______  Assistant Registrar:_______

No Objection Certificate Format

No Objection Certificate from University

This no objection certificate (NOC) is specially designed for India, Pakistan, UAE, Europe, and America. It can also be used in other countries.

NOC for Job from College

The Principal,
XYZ College

Dear Sir,

I have been a student of this college for the session of 2014-(Date). I studied BSc from here, and I have passed all the exams required to complete the degree with an A grade. I was also the class representative of my section, and I was active in the dramatics, and declamation societies. I have represented this college in inter-college debate contests, and won prizes. My fee, and library dues are also clear.

I want your best wishes, and a NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATE to apply for a job. I hope my request will be granted as soon as possible as I am in dire need of a job to fulfill my expenses, and sponsor my further studies.

Thank you.
Roll no:__

Sample NOC Letter for Applying on New Job


The concerned person/ authority

It is to inform you that (Name) is currently enrolled in our regular BS program. The institute allows Sam John to do the night shift job as it will not disturb his daily schedule. Sam has made sure that there will be no time collision, and he will maintain his grades also.


Administration officer, National College

No Objection Certificate from University

To whom it may concern,

We testify that (Name) is a bonafide student of this university. He has obtained a Master’s degree in social sciences from this university. He has been a good student with an interest in sports, declamation, and dramatics along with studies. His conduct, and discipline have been excellent, and he has proved himself a responsible part of this university. His academic record has been verified, and found as per the documents. This letter is being written as a no-objection certificate from this university for his admission in Ph. D program in New York University. We strongly recommend him, and wish him the best of luck for his studies ahead.

City University

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