Club Membership Agreement Template

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Please help me with a contract 4 a general club members, something that States that each member responsible to make their Club payment, and if for some reason that they cannot make their payment by default they will be charged a late fee, and will face legal consequences. something in that parameter.

Sample Contract for Club Promoters

Welcome to our Club.

Thank you for choosing us. We hope you will enjoy your stay.

Followings are the terms under which membership of the mentioned club will be given. All members have to follow these rules:-

  1. Validity of membership is the total discretion of the club.
  2. Club can evoke, or cancel membership at any time if failed to follow rules given by the club.
  3. All members have to pay their membership fee in valid time.
  4. Late payment will be charged with extra fine.
  5. Further delay in late payment will result in legal action against member along with cancellation of membership for non-payment.
  6. Defaulters will be warned, and maybe permanently banned from club.
  7. Club is authorised to change, modify, or amend the rules any time without prior consent of the members.

For any further questions, please contact club administration.

Thank you.

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