Essay on My Best Friend

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Essay on My Best Friend

I found someone extremely blessed if he or she has at least one good friend in their life. I know we meet tons of people daily that we call our friends, but mostly they are just our acquaintances. They are not someone who we call when some unpleasant situation occurs. In our contact list of hundreds, we will be lucky to find even one number to dial when we are in dire need of someone’s presence to listen.

Parents are definitely one’s ultimate guardians, but as you grow up, you have a need to talk to someone of your age who is going through situations like you are, who sees the world from a perspective very similar to yours. That person is commonly known as your best friend. The standard definition of a best friend would be someone who is not related to you by blood at all but who is there for you even when some blood relatives become strangers.

I am lucky enough to know someone in my life whom I can call my best friend.  I have known Amelia since third grade. We used to classmates the funny story is we did not like each other at first. But then, one day, she borrowed a book from me, which was our first interaction. Even then, the point of view about each other did not change at all. But then one day I came in class early she was sitting there alone, so I went sat right next to her little did know that this would be the beginning of the best friend of my life. Even after we became friends, we used to fight a lot daily, and there was barely anything we used to agree on still. We always managed to bury our hatchet and somehow make each other laugh about the things we said to each other when we were angry.

I know one thing for sure Amelia played an important role in how much I loved my school life. My life was pretty basic before she came; she was the fun factor that I did not have been missing my whole life. I did not have any sisters, so I did not know that feeling before I became friends with Amelia. She looks after me like a child and takes care of me like a big sister. I am grateful to whatever universal force introduced us and paired us as best friends.

I do not know what my life would have been without her, but it sure would have been incredibly boring. And I hope everyone in their life experiences a friend like my friend at least once.

Essay on My Best friend

What is a friendship; A single soul resting in two bodies” by Aristotle. Life is a long journey full of struggles. One day there will be happiness. The other day can be filled with darkness; it’s a pathway with stones and flowers aside, these pathways become beautiful, and life becomes meaningful if we have a faithful friend by our side on this journey. A friend is one with whom you share everything in your life, whether it is happiness or hardships.

While there are many friends that you make at various stages of your life, only a few hold on and be there for you in your need. A friend is one with whom you share your joy and struggles, but a best friend is a part of every moment you spend. Many people cross your path and remain there for some time for a  purpose or a cause, but your best friend acts as a shadow who is always around. Even if it is not a physical presence, you still feel their existence.

My best friend has been with me since my school. We have made it through all the sad and joyous moments together for the past twelve years. In this world, you are not always meant to flourish or be happy. You face difficulties, challenges, and hardships that make you crumble. But when you have a best friend, you are aware of the fact that no matter what happens, no matter how dark or grey life becomes. Your best friend will always offer you a shoulder to cry on. He will always be your support through your tough times and will always pull broken pieces together.

The memories that we share make presents beautiful. Sometimes while you sit alone in the struggling period of your life, you smile for no reason. It is due to the beautiful memories that we share with our best friend that gives us the reason to smile, and you remember those times as a golden period of your life.

A relationship is like a tree that needs water to grow, even if it is a friendship. With the passage of time, the tree grows stronger, its roots become firm, and it stands strongly on the ground, and other people benefit from its oxygen and fruit. It gives shadow in warm sunny weather; a relation of best friends is the same together they become stronger when their relationship flourishes with water of love, and compassion they not only stay happy together but they bring positivity in lives of people that surrounds them. This is the beauty of friendship.

Life becomes a little easier and more beautiful when you have a faithful and honest friend by your side that you can trust and rely on. When a mother, father, brother, sister, or even a life partner wants to get closer to you and make you understand that they are there for you, they call themselves your best friend so you can trust them. That means friendship is the amalgamation of all the relationships. It is a beautiful mixture. When we enter the journey of student life, personal, professional, or formal, with our best friend, then we can achieve bigger goals in life. When you fall, or you lose confidence in yourself when difficulties shatter you, it is your best friend who supports you and helps you to get out of that face. My best friend has been with me through every thick and thin, we studied together, and we entered our practical lives together. I have spent the most beautiful time of my life with her. This is the beauty of this relationship.

One should value their best friend because it is due to them that we attain many things in life, from confidence to courage. They play a very crucially important role in our life. Life becomes meaningful with a best friend; it is one of the blessings of the Almighty Lord.

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