Essay on My Favorite Personality My Teacher

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Essay On My Favorite Personality My Teacher

There are many teachers in my school/institute. All are honorable, and well educated but my favorite personality in out of them is Mr. John. He is a tall guy with wide shoulders which make him more personality in the age of 47. He is high educated, and has been teaching abroad as well. He is polite, and kind. The way of his talking is great, he is my English teacher. His pronunciation, and words (spoken by him) are clear, and understandable. He is qualified from USA, and returned to his country after he finished his studies. He never scolds, or shouts on any student. Sometimes he become our fiend, and teaches us in friendly environment. He allows us to talk, and play in free time. He belongs to Lahore.

His English is outstanding. He always tries to improve our English to get the advantages of this international language in our future. He tells his experiences, and adventures of life, and wants us to become a better person. He is an open minded, and bold teacher. He taught us to be bold, efficient, and respect our parents, neighbors, and all teachers. We feel confident, and secure in his company, and presence. He likes cricket, and music. Sometimes he sings for us. His voice is good, and we ask him often to sing. He helps everybody where he can. And advise us to do the same with others.

I have invited him once for a lunch at home. Mr. John is an energetic, and a great leader of his group as well. He likes to wear a proper suit, and he looks so good in his dressing. Sometimes I try to follow him the way he speaks; he wears because I like his kindness, and politeness. He is my hero, and I am so impressed by his personality. I have met with his children, and wife. She is also nice, and kind like him.

I am thinking to become a teacher because of him. He has ability to teach all levels, and ages. He is a man of rules; he is a simple man which takes him to make a difference between other teachers.  I hope he will remain same in good health, and strength. I pray for my teacher, and I have decided to be like him.  God bless him. Amen

Essay On My Favorite Personality My Teacher

There are certain people whom one remembers throughout one’s life. Such is the person of Mr. Khalid Butt who is the best teacher. He is highly qualified for his job. He has obtained M.A, M.Ed. degrees from the Punjab University. He is a young man of thirty, with a sound health, and mind. He is tall, healthy, and smart. He is always well-dressed. He is very cheerful. A gentle smile always plays on his lips. He deals with the fairly with us. He takes keen interest in our welfare number among our friends. In fact, he is a man of intellect, and intelligence. He is the store-house of knowledge, and wisdom. He is very punctual.

Above all he is sincere to his professional life. He has his own way of teaching. He teaches us very kindly, and politely. While in the class he is a strict disciplinarian. He never beats any of us like other teacher yet we dare not to do any mischief in his lecture. His sound arguments, and easy discussions make us to learn all what he delivered. His easy explanations make us listen to him most attentively. He does not allow any kind of boredom, or idleness upon the class. He keeps the class lively, and in good humor. All the students respect, and regard him.

He is very fond of games, and sports. He attends the playgrounds daily. He is a good sportsman, and acknowledged athlete. That is why he is very much interested in games, and sports. He always advises us to play while play, and study while study. He is also a good psychologist. In fact an intimate acquaintance with psychology is necessary for ideal teachers. He knows the mental state, and process of his pupils, and acts accordingly. He is a good speaker, and delivers inspiring, and thought provoking speeches on the national day.

He is a very hardworking teacher. He takes pains in the work. He teaches sincerely, and explains till every student is satisfied. He is very helpful to his students. His language, sound knowledge, and a good background of his subject has made him one of the most admirable teachers of ours school. All of us like him as a kind gentleman, and a capable teacher. He is very kind, and sympathetic towards the poor students.

He himself is an example, and a model for us. His conduct is above the board. His way of life is simple, and artistic. We like him because of his sterling character, and other qualities of head, and heart. He is able to impact his learning to the people in systematic manner in accordance with their level of mental development. In short, he is an ideal teacher who is loved by all. He has proved himself to be what an ideal teacher should be. May he live long!

Essay on My Best Teacher

After parents, teachers are the blessings which we all have by God. In school days every child has a favorite teacher, and best teacher to whom he, or she cannot forget throughout his, or her life time.

My story is same, I have a teacher in my school her name was “Wehbavi” by religion she was Christian, and by heart she was pure gold. I have never seen such beautiful soul in my life. We met on the very first day of my school, I was crying like a baby, and shouting, and screaming, that was the moment when she came near to me, and hold me in her arms, and give two Cadburys’.

She assured my parents, and they left. I was admitted in grade third, as it was my first day I was very much confused. She was the only one who remained with me throughout the day, and relaxed me. I spend my 9 years in that school, and throughout the whole period she is the one with whom I discuss my issues whether it was regarding to my studies, or whether it was regarding to any of my personal matter. I never feel ashamed of telling my feelings to her. And she always guides me the right path.

When it was my last paper of second year we received news from teachers that Miss Wehbavi died in a car accident that morning that was the heart breaking news I have ever faced in my life.

She was a gem that cannot be forgotten.  Pure Soul, May she rest in peace.

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