Essay on Women Disparity for Students

This Essay can be used as a speech as an essay, as an awareness speech, as something to draw attention towards stereotypical views of the society, or anything else like that. It can also be used to bring into consideration a lot of things. You can modify this sample according to your needs, and circumstances.

Essay on Women Disparity

The girl in the mirror looks like me; but her eyes don’t look like mine. Mine were innocent, and scared, but hers are cold, and fearless. She looks stronger than me because of the mental, and even the literal destruction she had to face for being a girl in a society where she is born. It is hard to accept that this girl is me, but this is who I need to be now. This is the reality. So, I don’t mind accepting the new me as long as I can still hope that somewhere inside her still lays the old me that will re-live once I am strong enough to stop the unsought things coming my way for being a girl.

If I am not a victim of individual sexual harassment, that doesn’t have to mean that my life as a girl has been all rainbows, and unicorns. If I have never been physically abused that doesn’t have to mean that everything is perfect. Just because the obstacles I face are not substantially visible, it doesn’t have to mean that I am not fighting. Because I am! I fight every day at multiple fronts for what I want to be, for what I believe in. A fight which is not ordinary. A fight which is against the norms, and limitations set by the society where I am born, and at times a fight within me against myself when the thought of giving up comes to my mind. The typical words I hear are not even directed towards me but they are like triggers, the hindrances don’t even touch me but pass so closely that the psychological effect they have on me is excruciatingly painful which ensues in every cell of my brain screaming. The screams that are not loud enough to break open my sealed lips. I hail from an environment where education for women is slighted, and tends to become a social stigma. For centuries there is a common belief that marriage is the culminating point of a women’s achievement, an independent, and highly accomplished woman becomes a threat to status quo as she will resist being subservient to patriarchal will. This phenomenon confines a woman to a state of mediocrity, denying her opportunity to realize her full potential. This sociological compulsion puts the burden on a woman to adapt to this pattern to keep the family fabric intact. Even though intangible, this notion lurks in the shadow.

“The society didn’t let me grow”, “I wish I wasn’t a girl”, “Gender disparity has ruined my life” and such dialogue are a mainstream murmur, and most commonly heard, right? But this is not how I see the gender disparity around me. Would it be weird if I say that the impact it has on me is positive? Would it make me a target if I say that it plays a positive role in my life? Would it make other girls dislike me if I say it’s not necessary that gender disparity ruins lives? Because in my case it has turned out to be a blessing. It makes me want to reach a level where I am comfortable with my identity as a woman. It gives me strength to be strong yet soft hearted, to be noble yet fiercely protective, and to be athletic yet motherly. Because I will not live my life struggling to fit into the frame set by society. I don’t want to be a soul crushed into something as tiny as the oppressed woman because I know that I can be so much more. I will make my own definition. I will keep on mustering the strength to rise above the tide because to be strong is my choice.

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