Write an Essay on Corruption

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An Essay on Corruption

The word corruption comes from the word “Corrupt”, and refers to someone who is basically dishonest to his work, or his commitment.
Corruption is a very broad word, and ranges from a lot respective to where the corruption happens.

An example of corruption will explain you better of how corruption actually happens, and what the theory behind it is. Consider that you have hired a contractor who is supposed to make your building, he takes the initial investment from you, and tell you what kind of material he’ll be using. Now you being a busy person can’t always be watching so you decide to trust him. He being a corrupt person decides to use a less expensive, and weak material for your building whilst taking the same amount of money from you. You know that he’s using the expensive material but he behind your back isn’t. This is corruption, and he is a corrupt man.

Corruption is a form of greed, and spreads like a plague among people of all ages. One gets something for their hard work, and just don’t stop there, seeking more, and more out of something is basically corruption. If you’re a student you can be dishonest in your studies which are commonly referred to as cheating. Consider you’re just a random shopkeeper of buys items from a vendor but you decide to be dishonest, buy expired items, repack them with new expiry dates, and sell them.

We as a human race are so unfortunate that even our laws, the people that rule us are corrupt, and dishonest to their responsibilities. Politicians don’t care what the nation needs, and try to seek their own profits in every single aspect by the name of aid. Apart from the politicians today, the forces that claim to “Protect you”, yes I am talking of your local police are full of corrupt beings from the top of the hierarchy all the way to the bottom. This includes officers, your normal traffic wardens, and all you can think of. Corruption comes in the form of bribery for them. Accused today are not punished accordingly, it’s a hard to bear fact but it is a fact, The accused uses his riches, bribes the police, and comes out of the situation labeled an “Innocent”.
Corruption is one of the main reasons of an increase in crime rate anywhere in the world? What happens when your law is not your law, and just the law of the riches? People take the law; people take the justice system in their own hands thus result an increase in the crime rate.
This is just sad, and needs to be changed.
There comes a question in my mind that I would like to ask all the corrupt people out there that would you like to be on the receiving end of corruption? Would you like your children to be fed with expired items, or mistreated in any aspect? Would you like to invest the money you make by working hard, and watch it drown right before you?

Some steps can be taken to decrease the corruption rate, and the sense of greed in normal people, and citizens. That is to make education much more common than it is right now. We need to educate our young ones about corruption, and how every field of life offers you corruption but being a person with a strong morale you’re not supposed to take it. You’re strong enough to decline it, and move on with a clean, and pure version of yourself.

May the God above help us all?

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