Write an Essay on my Hobby

Sample essay on my hobby reading books,  gardening, drawing, cricket, dancing etc. My hobby essay in English.

Essay on my Hobby

In today’s busy life, all one does is come home from work, wake up again next day, and start working on. The loop keeps on repeating, and repeating until the day comes when you get stressed to a level where you no longer wish you would work, or earn. You no longer care about anything, and all you wish to do is just take a vacation out of your busy life, and live stress free for just some days. The doctors say in the competitive world we live today everyone has an urge of going forward, reaching other levels going a bit ahead than most people. Making a name for yourself, for your career is all one wants, and desires, but losing yourself along the way is no way of compromising with yourself, or your work.

One should always work up to a limit, a limit where a person knows that yes I can’t work more than this, I need a break. What if I tell you, that you can actually cheat the stress you experience every day, you can actually not take a vacation but still stay stress free throughout the week, throughout your year.  I am talking about developing a “Hobby”.

Whenever the word hobby comes up, one thinks of all the things that one likes doing, it can be gardening, it can be collecting flowers of different kinds, or it can be reading newspapers. Anything that suits you, this is where my conflict starts with people. I ask you as a person, do you really believe that gardening can help you lose your stress levels, and I hope your answer is a No because it is clearly a No.

How can collecting flowers help you reduce your stress levels, and bring you back to a world of competitiveness? It’s almost surreal, and too weird to be believed, and considered true. I however, have developed a hobby that actually helps me reduce my stress levels. Actually helps me cool down for a few hours, and brings me back to my working position in no time.

I am talking about Gaming. Yes, you might be thinking “How does gaming reduce your stress levels”. I’ll explain how. You see in a world full of competiveness, I have found my passion, and named it my hobby. The games that I like to play are not just your regular games that are rated 13. No, I am talking about the games that actually help you to understand this hard world a lot better. I am talking about competitive gaming. People from all over the world, gamers gathering around in an area, being shouted on, and cheered by a few millions of gamers, what’s better than that? Competitive gaming not only helps in actually competing but also develops a sense of “Being the best” in one.

Being the best at something is what we all aim for…isn’t it? So, what’s better than finding your hobby in something that accelerates your desire of being the best through something that almost 50% of my readers like doing “Gaming”. Adopting a hobby not only helps you in confirming who you are a person but who you are as a happy person who can take on any challenges, and still stay stress free because what he adapted as his hobby helps him in being that person.

Adopt a hobby today, be what you’re meant to be.

Essay on My Hobby

A hobby is an occupation which gives pleasure, and amusement to a person, and which carries one of his own accord simply because he likes it. My hobby is not pursued as a profit. The main purpose of a hobby is to derive the pleasure out of it. It is meant for our mental peace, and satisfaction. Moreover hobby gives a stimulus to better living.

There is no compulsion regarding hobby but is arises purely from personal interests, or taste. Different people pursue different hobbies. Selection of a suitable hobby depends on the time you can devote to it, and money on can afford, and one’s aptitude.

There are many different hobbies in the world; some of them are gardening, coin collecting, stamp collecting, cooking, stitching, reading books, and magazines, swimming, fishing, and so on. A hobby has a beneficial effect on the mind, and it prevents one from ever becoming dull, and in low spirits.

Stamp collecting is my favorite hobby. I have made a big collection of stamps. I collect many old, and new stamps of different countries.  They are of different shapes, and sizes. It started when my father gave me one of his album of stamps few years ago, which he gathered I have added two more to it. My father also has a brilliant collection of stamps. Now I have three albums of stamps, one which is given me by my father, and two more which I have made myself. I look after my album very much, and I enjoy the beauty of these attractive stamps.

Stamps’ collecting is very popular hobby among masses. It is not that much expensive that one cannot afford it. Stamps can be purchased easily. Nearly every city has a professional stamp dealer, many departments, and variety stores maintain sections devoted to the needs of collectors. But a person can build a collection without expense. One of my friends also has this hobby we both have asked one shop keeper to keep the stamps. And we also have asked to one of the Clark of our area to supply us variety of different stamps. Moreover most of my friends are foreigners I exchange some of my stamps with them.

Mostly one can afford only one hobby, but here cooking is also my second best hobby. I love to cook for myself, and for my family members. They like the food I make; they love the taste of my food. The variety of dishes like there is traditional foods, deserts, desi food etc. I like to cook traditional food as well as the baking is my favorite. My friends, and family encourages me to pursue my hobby as a profession but I think hobby should be hobby, and professionally one should go for another thing.

Essay on Hobby

I was not one of those lucky people who knew what their goals were right from an early age. To put it in an easy way I was always an indecisive person. I used to start things to just leave them in the middle. The questions I used to dread the most in my childhood was either describes yourself, or what your hobby is. I used to listen to other’s people hobbies, and then try them out later to see if they can become mine but it’s safe to say no they weren’t. It took me a while to realize that one thing that I do to take my mind off, or in my leisure time was Writing.

I am writing for as long as I can remember I have kept a diary, I have tried to make a short story, or did an effort to write a joke but It’s the one thing that I never gave up on. It took me some to time to realize that I possess this quality but after that there was no going back I took my majors as English literature in college to enhance my skills in the field of writing.

My teachers were a great help for a rookie like me. The most valuable lesson I have learned from all this experience is that no one is same, and some of us figure things out early while others take time but we all do figure things out, and that is most indescribable feeling in the world.

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