Application for Cancellation of Transfer Orders

This letter can be used by any office holder on any post like junior, senior, XEN, CEO, GM, and can be sent to someone holding a higher office for the cancellation of transfer orders.

Name of Receiver

Post of Receiver

Company Name

Address of Company


Subject: Cancellation of my transfer orders

Dear Sir/ Madam,

With due respect, it is stated that I, (name of employee), was transferred on date (mention date) from the post of ( mention designation) in (name of city) to the post of (new designation) in (city) by reference number (application’s reference number). I have been working as (name of post) for (number of years). I have dedicated, and deliver this company with the best of my capabilities, and now I am in last few years of my retiring age, and now, i have been transferred from my current position to another post as i have mentioned above. Having served this company with my full zest, it is requested to please cancel my transfer orders due to the following reasons.

I look after my father who is 86 years old, and is suffering from ear impairment, and his doctor is in (name of city). He needs to get checked by doctor on weekly basis, and therefore, him being in sensitive phase of age can not come, and visit another city on weekly basis. This practice will further only damage his health.

Moreover, I am also 56 years old, and very near to retirement, and I am too suffering from medical issues which include knee impairment. Therefore, it will be not comfortable for me to shift an entire house. Hence forth, it is requested to please cancel my orders. I hope you will understand my position, and try to accommodate me as much as possible. I am looking forward towards your cooperation, and am anxiously waiting for your reply. I shall be very thankful to you.

Best regards,

Name of employee

post of employee

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