Application to Traffic Police for Cancellation of Invalid Ticket.

Sample application to the traffic police to request for a cancellation of an invalid automatically generated ticket. This letter can be used by anyone who has faced any similar issues.

Application to Traffic Police for Cancellation of Invalid Ticket


The Deputy Commissioner,

Lahore Traffic Police,

Dear Sir,
I , _________ (mention ticket name as well as citizen ID card number), want to inform you that I have been charged with an invalid ticket by the electronic system newly introduced in the city. I am a very responsible citizen of my country, and strictly abide by all the traffic rules. I also want to complain about the dysfunctional signal at _____( name of the intersection), which has led to the generation of this invalid ticket.

On ___(date), I received a ticket for breaking the signals when ,on the other hand it was not even my fault. I travel through this four way intersection almost everyday ,therefore I can ensure that the signal is not working properly. It has been malfunctioning for a month now. The signal is always frozen for the rightward traffic , and remains red even when its supposed to be green, hence the drivers have to cross the intersection while the signal is red. This in the end ,generates a ticket against the driver even when it is not their fault.

I submitted an application to the traffic Police department regarding this issue almost 3 weeks ago but unfortunately I have not yet received any reply regarding the issue. Please cancel my invalid ticket as it was inevitable to break the signal. Also repair the signal at this intersection so that no such further cases take place.

Yours Sincerely,

Sender’s Name,

Citizen ID,

Ticket ID,


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