Invitation Letter for Cricket Tournament

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Invitation Letter for Cricket Tournament to Parents

Dear parents,

I am writing to you because I would like to officially invite you to our very first college cricket tournament. After a few months of talking, and convincing the College Board we have finally got them to agree to let us host a big cricket game. The teams will be made up of students, and one team will represent each college.

There will be a leader board, and each team will play against each other to the point where only one team is the winner. One team will consist of eleven players with a twelfth player as reserve, and he is only allowed to field. So I am proud to announce that our college is hosting the first friendly game Great Yarmouth College playing home to Norwich College away from home.

Each college has their one team, and now it’s time to play. So we look forward to seeing you all at the game this Saturday, and have fun.

Yours sincerely,

Great Yarmouth College Principle

Invitation Letter for Cricket Tournament

Dear Sir,

This letter is to inform you about the cricket tournament organized by our company, in which different teams of different departments from office will take part, and I want you to attend this event as a chief guest it will be great honor for us if you will come. This tournament is going to start on the 2nd of August Friday at 4 p.m., cricket ground baseline society.

Hope you will come.


Muhammad Abbas

Invitation Letter for annual Cricket Tournament

Dear Sir,

I hope you are doing well in health. This letter is to inform you about the annual cricket tournament which is start from 15th of January. I, and my whole team want you to be there as you have so many memories with us, and the best teacher we have ever had. So it would be so much fun if you will join us.

Hope you will come.

Kamran chaudhry

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