Application Letter for Call Centre Agent Position

Want to write a job application for a call center job? Sample cover letter for call center agent position. Application letter for call center agent fresh graduate. Job application letter sample for call center agents with or without experience. Sample cover letter for customer service representative with no experience.

Application Letter for Call Center Agent without Experience

The HR officer,

Dear Sir,

With all my due respect, I would like to inform you that I have learned about your hiring of a call center agent. I have got to know about this through an acquaintance. I have no prior knowledge as I am a student, and I have not jumped into the professional life but being a student of mass communication, I have good spoken skills and command of the language.

I assure quality work and will prove myself if given a chance. I require money as I need to support my studies. I shall be grateful if you ponder upon my request and take my trial. I am attaching supporting documents. Thanks

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Mark Jason

Application Letter for Call Center Agent

Dear Sir/Miss,

I am an employee at your call center as a junior call officer position. I have noticed that recently the post for call center agent has been empty, and finding a new person for this post. As now it’s been six months I would like to request you for agent position in your call center.

I have experience and am quite aware of all the rules and regulations here. It would be easy for you to have someone from your office instead of finding someone and teaching him all the rules and regulations from the start.

I hope whatever decision you make will be good and beneficial for a call center.

Thank You

Your Name

Cover Letter for Call Centre Agent Position

The Manager,

Dear Sir,

I, (Your Name), an applicant for Call Center Agent at Black Arrows, have attached my resume with this application. I am an MA English having three years of experience working in the Ufone call center. Therefore, having the relevant degree and the experience, I consider myself to be the best choice for this position.

Furthermore, communication is one of the best skills that I possess, and hence I aim to groom myself by using it after grabbing the related opportunity and set-up. Therefore, kindly show your sympathetic consideration.

Thank You.

Yours Sincerely,
Your Name

Call Center Cover Letter with No Experience

Respected Management,

I’m writing this application to apply for a job in the call center advertised online. I’m a university-going student, I’m telling you this because I’ve no previous experience in any call center. It will be a great favor if you can give me a chance for an interview.

I will be looking forward to an interview call.

Sincerely your,

Your Name

Letter Applying For a Call Center with No Work Experience

Dear Sir/Madam

My name is xxx. I am writing to you because you are advertising a few telephonic interviewers and some of your call centers on I live in the area where you have your biggest call center and can easily walk. I did apply on indeed, but after a few weeks got no response. I do know that my C.V shows that I have no work experience in a call center, but I am willing to learn if given the opportunity.

I’m a very good hard worker, and I listen well. I’m fast at learning, and I love to improve my skill and learn new things. I enjoy working in a team but can also work independently.

Please get back to me with a response.

Kind regards,

Your Name

Job Application for call center without Experience

Dear Sir,

I want to inform you that I want to apply in your company for call center job. But the thing is that I have no previous work experience in any call center. But I have a good grip on English, and I can speak with a British accent. So I wanted you to hire me at your call center. I assure you that I will learn my work quickly and will give you good outcomes.



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