Sample Letter for Approved Vacation Leave

Sample letter to inform employees about approval of leave. Letter for leave application is accepted from the teacher, employee, manager, director, labor, or student, etc.

Leave Application Acceptance Letter

The Mr. Donald



I want to inform you that your application has been approved for vacation leave which you requested a few days back. Looking at your request, the department has granted you leave from 10th November to 10th December. Since you are a hardworking employee at Peter Consultants, and never took leave before, so we are happy to consider your request. Kindly contact the head of the accounts department so that you could hand over your work to your colleague in your absence. Hope you would appreciate this favor, and would rejoin office on the due date. For anything else you can contact me in office timings.

Best Regards,

H.R Manager

Peter consultants

Leave Letter from Company Allowed Leave


Mr. Tariq Bashir

Accountant, GYX Corporation,


Subject: Approval of Leave

Dear Tariq Sb,

We are pleased to inform you that your leave application has been approved w.e.f 15.03 to 31.03. You are hereby directed to complete your pending assignments before leaving, and also hand over your tasks to Mr. Zahid who will look after your duties during your leave periods.

Best Regards,

General Manager

GYX Corporation

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