Sample Promotion Letter to Employee


Sample Promotion Letter to Employee from employer, company, business, HR manager, or HR Officer. Below example letters can be issued to promote any employees like example letters to announce employee promotion doctors, nurses, officers, executives, directors, managers, supervisors, etc.

Sample Promotion Letter to Employee

Gilford Motors Co.,

Dear Employee,

This is to inform you that due to your good work, and great performance on your job, the Company has decided to increase your salary, and promote you to a higher rank(rank name can go here like a managerial post). We expect improved performance in future after this encouragement by the company.


Gilford Motors Co.

Promotion Letter from Employee to Employer

Mr. Li
Sales Associate

Subject: Promotion Letter from Employer to Employee

Dear Mr. Li,

We congratulate you that you have been promoted as Assist Manager Sales based on your annual review of performance, and success stories. I hope you will keep the work pace for the business growth, and meet the assigned targets.

Best of luck in your future endeavors.

Manager HRBP, Automations Limited

Sample Job Promotion Letter to Employee

Ms. Minahil Sami
House No. 50-C1,

Subject: Promotion & Evaluation

Dear Ms. Minahil,
Consequent to reviewing your performance during the period, we are pleased to promote you as Manager Credit.

We are sure you will make the best use of the opportunity offered to you, and contribute substantially to our Bank’s success as you have done in the past, and fully justify the confidence imposed on you by the management.

Best of Luck,

Muhammad Hamza
Group Head HR Services

Promotion Letter for the Post of Manager

Dear Ms. Rosey Shabbir,
You will be pleased to know that you are promoted as General Manager Operations of North Karachi Super Market Branch from July 1st. Your salary is also increased by $630 from July. We hope you will take this opportunity significant for you as in the previous position, and work hard for the Branch, and company’s high growth.

The management trusted you very much, and now it is up to you that how you prove yourself a successful General Manager keeping in mind the importance of the position.


M. Ikram
Manager HR

Sample Promotion Letter to Employee

Promotion Letter for PR Manager

Mr. Andrew sham, PR Department, ZARA

Dear Sir,

We are pleased to inform you that after considering your dedication, and hard work to the work, and tasks assigned to you, we are promoting you from assistant PR manager to PR manager. We expect the same dedication, and quality of work from you. You can claim the designation next week. We wish you all the very best.


The HR department, ZARA

Promotion Letter for Project Head

Dear Sir,

I hope you are doing well in health. This letter informs you that the Head of Department accepts the application you have submitted to us for promotion. And we are gladly informing you that you have been promoted from manager to project head manager.

The details of salary will be sent to you by the HR department very soon. Please come early tomorrow so that we can discuss your new project, and work.

See you in the morning.


Team HR.

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