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Covering Letter for Physiotherapist Job

Below is the covering letter to apply for a physiotherapist job in any organization, hospital, or company. Just change your experience in the second paragraph with dates to make this covering letter more effective.

Application for Physiotherapist Job

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Dear Sir,

Reverently it is stated that I am doing a post-graduation degree i.e., Post Professional Doctor of Physiotherapy (PP-DPT) from ISRA University Campus. I have earned a BS (Hon) Physiotherapy degree from International University.

As regards my job history, I have served at Polyclinic (FGSH) as a physiotherapist from January 14, (Date), to (Date). I have served as a Personal Physiotherapist to Chief Justice Gilgit-Baltistan from March 14, 2013, to March 14, 2014. I have served at hearts international hospital Rawalpindi, as a physiotherapist from March (Date) to Till Date.

I hope you will consider my application in a benevolent manner. Thanking you indeed in anticipation.

Yours Sincerely,

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Covering Letter for Physiotherapist Job

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