Work and Job Experience Letter For Driver

Sample experience letter for driver of car, taxi, loader, truck, bus, heavy vehicle or rail with LTV or HTV licences. Just change the necessary details and get printed on letter head of the company you are working for.

Experience Certificate For HTV Driver

To whom it may concerned

Dear concerned,

It is hereby written to certify that holder of this document has experience as HTV Driver for five years in this company. He is very proficient and professional in his work.

The driver has an updated license. He has experience of driving heavy loaders and light commuter vehicles. He drives very safe and follows the regulations on the road. He is also very well-mannered. He is reliable and trust worthy. During his stay at our company he had never given us a chance to complain about him.

He is recommended to anyone who is looking for safe, reliable and well-mannered driver.


The manger

Driving Experience Letter for Truck Driver

To Whom It May Concern
It is to inform you that Mr. James Franco has worked at AKS Chemicals from 1 – 5 – 2007 to 1 – 5 – 2014 as a truck driver. During his stay at this firm, his conduct has been found good. He has been punctual and regular. He was on work agreement of 12 hours a day. He has served AKS Chemicals well throughout his stay. We wish him luck in best in his upcoming future.
Best regards
Human Resource Manager
AKS Chemicals

Experience Letter for LTV Car Driver

To Whom It May Concern

It is certified that Mr. Naseer LTV Licence # 575493-h5 was employed as car driver at RS School. He was responsible to provide pick and drop service to our executive staff members of the school. He worked for two years and we found him excellent and responsible driver. We wish him best in future career.


Admin and Transport Manager

Driving Experience Letter
Driving Experience Letter

Experience Letter for Driver of Car

To whom it may concern,

This is being written to verify on behalf of Aerobic Construction Company that Mr. Smith has worked for this organization for six years as a car driver. His duties here included driving staff cars and he has worked with top management official. He has got a certified type driving license and is equally comfortable in driving automatic and manual transmission personal as well as commercial vehicles. He has shown exceptional driving skills and his accident record is very clean. He has proved himself a careful, vigilant and law abiding individual and professional. He had to resign due to his relocation. Our best wishes are with him for his future.

Samantha Lauren

Administration Manager

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