Short Invitation Letter Sample to Guest of Honor for Annual Day

This is a short invitation letter sample to guests of honor. Invitation to Guest of Honor for the annual day of school, college, university, office, or company.

Short Invitation Letter to Guest of Honor

The guest of honor

Respected Sir,

We are glad to cordially invite you to the Annual Day as Guest of Honor. There are many qualifiers who need to be given certificates and prizes. We would be honored if you consider granting us your presence.

We are looking forward to having your company.


The principal

Invitation Letter to Guest of Honor


Subject: Invitation as Guest of Honour for Annual Celebration

Dear Sir/Madam.

We are celebrating the great annual day at “Company Name” as per our company policy. This celebration will include all the people of all the departments of the company that may exceed 3200. So we choose the seminar hall as the venue for this celebration.

We request you to spare some time and please join the Celebration with other key management personnel of the “Company Name” and see our presentation of the company performance that how we are Committed to Serve the most neglected segment of the society.

Venue:______________ Date:_____________ Time:______________

Looking for your arrival on time



Short Invitation Letter Sample to Guest of Honor for Annual Day

Invitation Letter as Guest of Honor and Speaker

Mr. Henry Grey
Education Commission
California, USA

Sir, with due respect I have to state that there is an annual day being held at Kasper University of Science on 22nd of July. It would be an honor for us if you could attend and bless us with your presence. It would also be a great source of inspiration for the students to hear from a living legend. I genuinely hope you would consider this invitation and notify us as soon as possible so we could put in order the preparations respectively. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Jackson Hill
Kasper University of Science
California, USA

Invitation Letter to a Guest of Honor

Honorable guest,

Respected sir,

I am very pleased to inform you that your presence is requested at our annual prize-giving ceremony as a guest of honor. We are conducting a small event, where different participants will compete with each other in many sports. Winners will be given prizes and honored by you. You will also be rewarded with a certificate for honoring us with your presence.

You are warm-heartedly invited. Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

Yours sincerely,

Jason Strong-arm
Manager sports event

Invitation Letter to a Guest of Honor

Respected Sir,

Hope you are doing great. Sir this letter is to inform you about the upcoming event in our university that is a welcome party for new batch 20XX. As you are one of the inspirational personalities among youth nowadays, so I am requesting you to please come and join us on 10th February (Date) on Saturday at 5 p.m.  It would be a huge favor for all of us if you will join and make that evening more wonderful for us.

Thanks, we will be looking forward to you.


Amjad Khan,

Head of Student’s council

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