Love Letter to a Boy for Good Relationship and Marriage

Want to write a letter about friendship with a boy for the first time? We are giving you a template of friendship letters and you can customize it as per your needs.

This letter was sent to me by a girl from the UK when we both wanted to be in a relationship. Just check the simple language, a complete message, and offer for a relationship leading to marriage.

Please always give gifts to your friends or anyone in a relationship or who wants to be in a relationship. Best wishes for you and your happy relationship.

I am including my reply to this lovely email.

a letter to a boy After First Meeting Somewhere on flight, park, market, etc


I will give you my mobile WhatsApp number after we get to know each other very well, I’m sorry for my late reply to you my dear. I was so busy over here because of my duty, so I might sometimes be late to reply to you, but you can write to me any time so that during my free time I will reply to you, how are you doing today?

I hope that you’re doing great, nice meeting you on a dating site is my pleasure. I’m looking for a good relationship that will lead me to marry someone that I can spend the rest of my life with.

If you’re interested in me then we can move on, I hope to get your response, here is my picture. I hope you can like them.  I will be pleased if you can send me your pictures too. I will introduce myself to you in my next email.


Your Name

Reply to a Letter from a Girl

AOA. Thanks for a detailed reply. Yes, I am great and interested in a relationship leading to a happy married life. Your pictures are awesome and I will send you more of me in my next email.

What kind of work you are doing?

Beat Wishes,

Your Name

🌹 Flower of Love
Love Letter to a Boy for Good Relationship and Marriage

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