Love Letter to Propose a Girl for Marriage

Love Letter to Someone You Never Met (true love letter to a girl)

Want to propose to a girl for marriage? Sample love letters to propose to a girl for marriage available for you. You can send it directly to the girl. Our best wishes are with you. Best letter to propose to a girl for friendship and marriage because this has been used in the real proposal.

A marriage proposal letter must be casual/personal and make the reader happy and smiling.

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Love Letter to Propose a Girl for Marriage

Dear Rosey,

I am writing this letter with great honesty and love. I want to marry you and make you my wife. We have studied together, and I cannot get a better life partner than you. Your simplicity and honesty inspire me. You are the only girl for whom I have such kind of feelings in my heart.

I have always considered you my friend, but I believe that my feelings are much more for you than just a friend. I know that this proposal is sudden, and you need some time to think about your future with me, but I promise to stay with you and love you until my last breath. So you can think and take all the time you want. Waiting for your reply.


(Your Name)

Real Example Love Letter to Propose a Girl for Marriage (A True Story & True Letter)

Dearest Hammna Jillani,

Hello, I hope you are fine and doing the best in your life.

It was a great pleasure to have some interactions with you in the past few days, no matter it was by chance or luck. Anyways my extremely full-of pleasures heart forced me to write this message directly.

I have many wishes, goals, and plans in my life, but I always wish to do it all with my best friend in life. I am not like the traditional men; I love change, adventure, drive, hard work, friendship, and people with smiling faces, confidence, charming personality, and an intelligent mindset. I am sure all this is very near to me.

I told you the story of the cute project. This name also explains my wish that I want to turn my life into cuteness.

I am independent with almost everything I need to spend a happy life at this stage of life, but only one thing is missing “my best friend.” I recently wanted to go to Umrah, but I couldn’t because I miss someone in my life. So I asked my parents to give me the company for Umrah, but they also forced me to find a life friend first and then go for Umrah with her.

I don’t know what you know about me, but I am sure what I want in my life is all that is in you. I really respect you and your family, especially your mom, because she has worked with me for a long and knows about my nature very well. I found your mom extremely hardworking, sincere, compromising, and mostly feeling happy. You also seem like your mom, and I have a hard wish to continue this relationship with respect, dignity, and happiness. I hope your response will be friendly, and I will be waiting for your positive response. Another important thing to get started is Allah’s wish with Istekhara. You can also go for that and see the results. I am very sure that Allah will be in favor of our friendly relationship. You are welcome to ask or discuss anything regarding this matter for satisfaction. Would you please keep this secret?

best Sami

In case you forgot. I love you a lot. That’s no lie, not by a long shot.

In fact, I sent the above letter to Hammna Jillani, but she never replied to me directly, I think she agreed to marry me. The above letter is based on facts, and I can marry her if she agrees, although now she is already married to someone. I love you, Hanna.

Suppose you are reading this letter. Would you please comment to appreciate my true love for you?

Whatsapp Message to Propose a Girl for Marriage

Below is an original letter sent to a girl for marriage. She was already engaged to someone, but she was proposed to marry.

Dear Rida,
I hope you are very well and happy. For a long, I have wanted to ask you for a very special request, but I have never been able to. Because most of the time, I am lazy to express and explain what I think and have in my mind.

Various times I wanted to discuss it with you, but I couldn’t.

I am not aware of the current status and the reasons behind delays in your marriage, but your recent reply to a question about your marriage just insisted on me, so I am writing this long message.

Above all are the excuses. Simply I wanted to say marry me please 🌹🌹🌹. I am sure you will think about it seriously, and if this is possible, we can have a good time and good life partners as well.

You know me well, and I hope my message will not hurt you. I am always late for good decisions. But I always hope for the best…

Very warm regards,

Only Yours

Love Letter to Propose a Girl for Marriage

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