Request Letter for Purchase of Tea Machine for Office

Want to request for the purchase of tea machine for office, company or factory? We are giving you sample email templates to write your own purchase letter asking to buy a tea-making machine for the office. The Coffee Machine purchasing letter is available at this link.

Request Letter Purchase Tea Making Machine for Office

Subject: Request to Purchase Tea Machine for Office

Dear Sir,

I am writing for your approval to purchase a tea maker for the office. Our office needs a tea machine for the staff in the office so that the staff can make their own tea or take it from a disposable machine. Now because the staff is more, the tea is needed several times a day and it is difficult to bring it from outside or going outside for tea also wastes lots of time.

If we can install a tea machine in the office then the staff members can make their own tea rather than going outside and this way work will not be interrupted. You can discuss this suggestion with me if you have any questions. I will be thankful for your kind approval and cooperation.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Request for Quotation of a Coffee Machine for Office

Name of Company/Shop/Retailer
Address, City

Subject: Request for Quotation of Tea Machine

Dear Sir/Madam,

We want to buy a Tea machine for our office, and I request you to please send a quotation with the best price and delivery time of a quality product. The required features are as follows:

  1. Daily Tea Cups Required upto 100+
  2. Additional to Black Tea, Flavours Shoud be Avaiable (Optional)
  3. Automatic Machine Will be Preffered

I will be grateful for your quick response. So I can analyze the quotation and forward it for approval. So I am thanking you again.


Your Name, Designation, company info

Request Letter for Purchase of Tea Machine for Office, School, Factory or Company

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