Application to the Bank Manager to Transfer Account

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Transfer Request Letter from One Branch to Another

The Branch Manager,
Bank of UAE,
City Road,

Dear Sir,

With due respect, I would like to request you for the transfer of my account from the current branch to your branch located in Cornish Road Dubai as I have relocated from Sharjah to Dubai, and it will be more convenient for me to handle my account operation from the above mentioned branch.

I have no pending liabilities with the same branch so please transfer my account accordingly on urgent basis to avoid any inconvenience regarding my daily business transactions.

My account details are as under:

Title of the Account: Chris Lewis
Account Number: 987654321
Account Type: Current

Your speedy action in this regard will be highly appreciated.

Chris Lewis

Letter to Change Bank Account to Another Branch

Dear bank manager,

I am writing to you because I would like to change my bank account to a different branch, and I don’t know how to do this. At the moment I am with HSBC bank but I am having some problems with where I can use my card, and I would like to change to NatWest. I was wondering if I have to close my account with you, and then open a new one, or if I could simply keep my account details the same but change bank name, and branch? I hope that you could give me some information on how I can go about this in the right way.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Garret Gary

Transfer of bank account to another branch

Customer Support Manager
United Bank Limited

Dear Sir,

Hope you are enjoying your best health. I have been using your bank services in the form of current Account Holder since November, XXXX. As you are providing economical, and quick service defined best in term of customers, that’s why I wished to open my account in your one of branches near my office. I was facing some issues for more than two months.

The main problems faced was the frequent harsh attitude of cashier to customers; delaying tactics of management staff in maintaining 24 hours cash at ATM, and poor guidance to valuable customers about new services of bank. It would be a source of happiness for me if you shift my account to your branch. I will wait for your response.

Best Regards


Application  to Transfer Account to Another Branch

Dear Sir,

It is stated that I want to change the branch of my account to another branch that is from Nazimabad branch to Faisal Avenue branch. As my office has shifted from Nazimabad to faisal avenue. So it is basically my manager’s order to transfer it. So please do this soon as HR wants to transfer the pay of last month. It would be great if you do this within this week, and send me the details, or simply mail that to me.

Hope you will do this soon.


Bilal Ahmed

Request Letter for Salary Account Transfer

Dear human resources manager,

I am writing to you because I would like to request a salary transfer into a new one.  My current account was hacked into, and since that it is not safe to keep any money in it. So I have asked my father if I could just use his account for this month then it would give me time to get a new one. I hope that you can understand the reason of why I need this transfer. I hope that you can grant me this, and I look forward to your response.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Jacob Jones

Application for Transfer of Provident Account

Dear company director,

I am writing to you because I would like to transfer the provident account. Last week we had a major security issue where the entire computer system was hacked. On the system we kept private information such as anything to do with our clients, and personal information on our employees, also any information on the accounts. We don’t know what the hackers wanted, or if they got anything at all but I would like to stay on the safe side, and transfer the account.

This will ensure that the hackers can’t get anything that is inside, and I do believe that there is a lot of money in there. I hope that you will take this seriously, and take action as you could lose thousands of pounds. I look forward to hearing back from you.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Jake Holder (the human resources manager)

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