Resignation Letter for Misbehaving, and Misconduct of Boss

Sample resignation letter due to misbehavior of your boss with you, your colleague, junior, senior, etc.

Resignation Letter for Misbehaving, and Misconduct

TO: President
AH Foundation

Dear Sir,

Please be informed that with reference to my appointment letter, and due to the following reasons I am resigning from my post:

  • Misbehave, and Misconduct from Mr. Farhan Ali. Here Forced me to resign from my post as I asked for my rights.
  • He repeated several times in his last tel-talk that we don’t need you, and your services.
  • He repeated also you may leave whenever you want.

So please treat this letter as two months’ notice, and clear my dues till further.

Thanking you I remain,

Saima Malik
Manager Marketing

Resignation Letter for Misbehaving of Boss

The CEO,
ABC Co. Inc.

Dear Sir,

It is to inform you that I have decided to resign from my position in the company as Data Analyst. The reason behind my resignation is misbehavior of my boss Mr. Albert, the Quality Manager. On Thursday, Mr. Albert gave me a task I had to complete within six hours. I started the job but then Mr. Albert gave me another task and ordered me to complete it by declaring that it was more important.

I left the former task and started doing the later on. After six hours Mr. Albert asked me whether I had completed the former task, or not. I acknowledged him that he himself gave me the second task, and told me that it was more important but he started insulting me in front of my juniors, and other staff members. He also used foul language and abused me in an unprofessional manner.

Sir I cannot work in such type of environment in which there is no respect to the employees by their boss so I am presenting you with my resignation letter.



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