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Salary Slip Format in Excel and Word

What is a salary slip? How to create a salary slip in excel? We will guide you and provide you Salary Slip Format and Templates for free download. Salary Slip Sample in Excel includes all the functions for Companies, Organizations, Institutions, and Factories for their employees. Free Download Salary Slip/wage slip Templates in Excel and Word Format from links at the bottom.

Directions for Use of Salary Slip

Download the attached files of Salary Slip in your desired format in MS Excel or Ms word from the bottom links. If the download link is not showing at the bottom please copy and paste the below salary slip in a word or excel sheets. Put the desired values in the amount column. You can change, add or delete the items as per your requirements for your employees. MS Excel format makes auto calculations so it just needs to add or put your desired values in the relevant columns. After adding values your salary slip is ready to be printed on plain paper and get signed by the relevant authorities.

Download Salary Slip Format in Word

Company Name                         Pay Advice for January (Date)
Employ#____   Name________                         Department_______Designation________ Salary for __ Days__________
Pay & AllowancesDeductionsOther Details
House Rent_______
Other All_______
Over Time_______
Other DED 2______
PF Count Bal______
Gross        _________Total DED    _______Net ________
Salary Credited to Your Account#                            _______________
Bank Name   ___________                             Branch______________

_______     ___________   ____________

Accountant            Finance Manager              Chief Executive

Print/Image views of Salary Slip Format in Excel

Salary Slip Format in Excel Free Download
Salary Slip Format in Excel Free Download

Prints/Image views of Salary Slip Format in MS Word

Salary Slip Format in Word Free Download
Salary Slip Format in Word Free Download

Functions and Options in the Salary Slip:

Salary Slip format for employees includes all options like Basic Salary, House Rent, Conveyance Allowance, Medical Allowance, Special Allowance, Over Time, Bonus, Arrears, Tax, and Others Section to mention any special amount. These Salary Slip Formats also include a deduction section where you can deduct amounts like PF, Counter, Other DED 2, EOBI, and Security deduction options with tax deduction facility as well. You can use our salary slip in MS Excel with a formula for auto calculations and MS Word for manual calculations.

If you need more options with auto calculation just write in the below comment form.

You will also learn how to make the salary slip in excel and word with the latest tax calculations from the above samples.

Purpose of Salary Slip

Salary Slip is a business document issued by companies to the employees and staff with a monthly salary. It is proof that the company has paid the salary including all the allowances and tax deductions. The employer keeps a copy of the salary slip for future record and the employee can keep it as a record and present it for negotiations on new jobs. This can also be used as a legal document with a company stamp and signature in case of need in lawful requirements and labor courts to settle any disputes with employers/employees. Normally it also includes tax deduction details of tax-paying employees and the employees should keep it in the record for the income tax department and for submission of tax returns.

Salary Slip Download Links:

  1. Download Salary Slip in Excel Format Free
  2. Download Salary Slip in Word Format Free

How to Use Salary Certificate Format in Mail Merging?

Please download the Ms. Format and Put your all data into Excel Sheet and use the mail merging function of Microsoft Word. We will post more details with the Image tutorial very soon to create salary certificates for employees, company employees, and staff members.

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