Speech on Cleanliness to Community Members

This speech can be used by student, professor, speaker, principal, teacher, or anyone to spread awareness about unclean water, and the diseases it is bringing along. You may modify it according to your needs, and circumstances. You can add religious quotes, examples of people who died due to unclean environment, or examples from history.

Speech on Cleanliness Specifically unclean water

A very good, and pleasant morning to the residents of Wapda Town. Before I start my speech as the president of this awareness programme, I want to congratulate each, and every child, adult, and labour. You all must be thinking why? As soon as I saw such number of people emanating from the hall, I realized that we have already succeeded.

Ladies, and gentlemen can you imagine? Can you seriously imagine that the time it took you to clap me on the stage, Seven Pakistan children had died. Yes every five minutes, seven Pakistani children die; they die because of contaminated water. I am talking to you about the world’s worst way of dying, the third largest crisis, and the reason behind a steep increase in death rate. I am talking to you about unclean water.

Today, I am not addressing any class of this society but everyone. This is a problem that everyone contributed to, and this is the problem, we all will find the solution of. Unclean water is not only increasing the death rate but is having adverse effects on health, and environment. Water coming from fields carries fertilizers which drain into ponds, and lakes causing eutrophication. The industrial waste is spilled out into lakes which has high concentration of heavy metals. This is leading to death of marine life as well as humans because fish is the main constituents of one’s individual. The main cause of diarrhea, typhoid, and other stomach diseases is unclean water.

This is our Mother land we need to own it as much as anything. We exist because Earth exists. This is our Planet. No alien is going to come, and save it. Ozone layer is deteriorating with time. Its messed up. Everything is. The Climate change is unpredictable. We are not only destroying ourselves but the under water creatures are dying. So are the birds. Due to the slightest climate change, Dinosaurs vanished from the face of Earth. So many reptiles are no more. Our generations to come will have to suffer a lot. a lot. Not for ourselves but for the sake of our generations we will have to save this planet. We will have to take an action. If not now then when? If not us then who? We can not continue to ruin this world. Else Humans will be only a history like dinosaurs are. We will be no different than extinct creatures.

Dear ladies, and gentlemen, In the end, I am not asking for much but a slight change in your habits. We can’t do much but at least we can conserve water; we can avoid spilling sewage, and other household wastes in to ponds, and lakes. It is our Homeland, and its protection is the responsibility of every individual. Let’s save lives of three children every minute. I am looking forward towards your cooperation. Thank you! Stay blessed.

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