Letter Asking for Textbooks for School Students

Want to write a request for the delivery of free books for students? Format of request letter to ask your school administration for some textbooks for students and the library. Requesting Books for School Students Dear Sir, Free books have not been provided to the students in our school as they have not been delivered … Continue reading “Letter Asking for Textbooks for School Students”

Letter to Librarian to Issue Books

Sample Letters can be used by students those requesting to borrow books from their school/college libraries Request Letter For Library Books To, Mrs. Samantha John, Excel library NYC Respected Madam, With my due respect, I am writing this letter to make a humble request to you for allowing me to issue 2 more books. I … Continue reading “Letter to Librarian to Issue Books”

Application for Permission to Sit in Class without Books

How to write a permission letter to principal to attend class without book? Application for Permission to Attend Class without Book Name Roll number Respected sir! Sir I have misplaced my course of your subject in the cafeteria yesterday. This morning I have posted it in the official Face book group of the university, and … Continue reading “Application for Permission to Sit in Class without Books”

Letter to Friend Thanking Him for The Books He Lent to You

Sample thanks letter to friend for books you borrowed for test, exams, interview, project, general study etc. Email to Friend Thanking for the Books He Lent to You To my dearest friend I am writing to you because I would like to thank you very much for lending me the books last week for my … Continue reading “Letter to Friend Thanking Him for The Books He Lent to You”

Letter to Friend to Lend You Some Books

Sample letter to your friend requesting him to lend some books. Write a letter to one of your friends requesting him/ her to lend you some books for study, or preparation for exams. Letter to Friend to Lend You Some Books Hey buddy, How are you doing? I hope all is well, and you are having a … Continue reading “Letter to Friend to Lend You Some Books”

Application for Buying More Books for School Library

Request letter for purchase of books. Sample letter for ordering books. Letter for ordering books for library. Request letter for library books. Letter to librarian for books. Sample letter of purchase order of books. Request Letter to Principal for Library Books To Mr. Laurent Stanislas Principal Oak High School Houston, Texas, USA With full regret I have to say that our school library is in a devastated condition. I, along with Mr. Jason rearranged all the … Continue reading “Application for Buying More Books for School Library”

Letter to Publisher for Ordering Books

Sample letter to publisher for books which are not available in market. Write a letter to the manager of a reputed publication to send you a certain technical book by courier which are not available in local market Letter to Book Seller for  Ordering Books The Manager, Oxford University Press Dear Sir, I am writing … Continue reading “Letter to Publisher for Ordering Books”

Application to College Library for Additional Books

Sample application letter to the administration to add more books in college, school, or university library for members, and card holder’s requirements. Letter to College Librarian for Additional Books The Librarian, Post Graduate College, Scotland. Dear Sir, It is stated that I am a student of 4th year in Post Graduate College Scotland, and regular … Continue reading “Application to College Library for Additional Books”