Application for Buying More Books for School Library

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Request Letter to Principal for Library Books

Mr. Laurent Stanislas
Oak High School
Houston, Texas, USA

With full regret I have to say that our school library is in a devastated condition. I, along with Mr. Jason rearranged all the books, and matched them with the inventory. It was found that almost half number of books have been rather stolen, or were not returned by the students.

Also, there is no existing section for literature, and geography. For that matter, I request you to provide the library with fund so that the more books can be bought, and the library would stand up to its meaning. Thank you for your consideration.

Wes Brown

Letter for Buying Books for School Library

To principal,
Modern Girls high school

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to draw your attention on some of our needs. We need to buy more books for school library. We need to have section of books related to literature, and cultural art to enhance children’s knowledge. Kindly buy books related to literature, and cultural art for school library.

Thank You

Abby Chester

Application for More Books for School Library

Dear Sir,

This to inform you that we need more books in library. The numbers of students have been increased because of new semester which results in increasing the demand of books. So please do this before the midterm, which is going to start from 25th of October.


Maheen Jabeen

Application for Buying Books for School

The chief librarian
Maryland School

Respected sir,

With due respected it is stated that current book collection in the school library is very outdated. Syllabus is changing as directed by board of education, which yields need of new books in the library. Management has allotted a fair amount of funds for the purpose.

It is therefore requested that new books according to the syllabus be purchased for school library. It will help both students as well as teachers.

Thank you in advance for taking time, and consideration of this request.

Yours sincerely,

Syllabus in charge

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