Complaint Letter Against Brother in Law

Want to write a complaint letter against brother in law? We are giving you complain letter templates to register a complaint against brother in law for multiple reasons. Please always remember to consult a lawyer before registering any legal complaints. Various lawyers provide online consultation facilities and can guide you in a better way. Complaint … Continue reading “Complaint Letter Against Brother in Law”

Letter to Brother About Mother’s illness

Format of personal letter to your brother, and telling him about the personal tragedy that has knocked on you door. Your mother is going through such a personal turmoil she has been diagnosed with a severe illness, and now she wants to see her son one last time as her days are numbered. Write a … Continue reading “Letter to Brother About Mother’s illness”

Condolence Letter to a Friend Who Lost His Brother

Condolence message to a friend who lost his brother. Words of comfort for loss of brother. Words of sympathy for sudden loss of brother. Loss of a brother message. A letter to someone who lost their brother. Email  Letter to a Friend Who Lost His Brother Dear Miss Rita Ora I am writing to you because I heard that you lost your brother recently. I … Continue reading “Condolence Letter to a Friend Who Lost His Brother”

Leave Application for Younger Brother Marriage

Sample leave application for younger brother marriage from school, college, university, office, company. Leave Application for Younger Brother Marriage Mr. Alex ThorntonHead Human Resource Department Dear Sir, I am hoping that you are enjoying good health. It is to inform you that the marriage ceremony of my younger brother is to be held on (Date). … Continue reading “Leave Application for Younger Brother Marriage”

Letter to Elder Brother about Studies

Sample letter to brother, sister, and parents to inform them about your study progress, degree status in email, or message on letter. Letter to Elder Brother about Studies To Javed Kapoor Talpar Town Goa, India Dear brother, I received your letter inquiring about my studies, and health. I am fine, and well, and hope you … Continue reading “Letter to Elder Brother about Studies”

Leave Application for Brother Illness

I want to write a leave application for my brother’s illness. Sample leave application for office due to brother’s illness because of fever, vomiting, food poisoning, etc. Leave Application for Brother’s Illness (You can mention any disease for checkup) Dear Sir, My brother is suffering from (mention the disease), and now his condition is critical. … Continue reading “Leave Application for Brother Illness”