Letter to Elder Brother about Studies

Sample letter to brother, sister, and parents to inform them about your study progress, degree status in email, or message on letter.

Letter to Elder Brother about Studies

Javed Kapoor
Talpar Town
Goa, India

Dear brother, I received your letter inquiring about my studies, and health. I am fine, and well, and hope you are too. I am very glad to enlighten you with the fact that I passed my final exams of 8th grade with flying colors, and achieved 1st position in my section. I studied very hard for these exams. I used to get up at 10pm to study, and sleep after midnight.

This is also because of your well wishes that I succeeded. I hope to continue studying like this to make you, and parents proud. I would write to you whenever I get a break from studies again. Pay my regards to everyone at home.

Yours loving,

Adhitya Kapoor
Bilarri Hostels
Mumbai, India

Letter for a Brother from Hostel

Mr. James John. LA

Dear James,

How are you, and every one at home? Hope mother is fine. I am also fine, and my studies are going well, my exams are about to start, and I am working hard to score good grades as it is my final year.

I wanted to say thanks to you for attending my parent teacher meeting as no one was able to come, and attend it but you managed your time for me, it’s a great favor brother. My teachers are really impressed by you, and they have appreciated me, I am so lucky to have a brother like you, I know you are very concerned about my studies, and you want me to be a successful person in life; I promise you that I will not let you down.

Take care of yourself, hope to see you soon, pay my regards to everyone at home.

With love,

Mark john, Miami

Letter to Elder Brother about Studies
Letter to Elder Brother about Studies

Letter to Elder Brother about Studies

Dear Jason Mark, Bakers Street, London

How are you? Hope you find this letter in best of your health. I am also fine here. How is everyone at home?

I got your letter last week but I could not reply early because of my annual exams. I did my best in the exams, and hoping for a good result. I know you are concern about my studies, and asked in your previous letter as well. I know I did not performed well in my last semester, and I take responsibility for my bad grades but this time I did my best to get good grades, and to make you, and family proud of me again.

I am happy to have a brother like you who always understands me, and support me in every situation. I wanted to tell you that in next semester I will be taking some marketing course, and my thesis also, and for that I need to discuss some points with you. We will discuss this in detail when I will come home, and probably I will be coming next month. Pay my regards to everyone at home, and take good care of your health. Remember me in prayers.

Yours truly,

James Mark

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