List of All Classified Ad Posting Websites in Pakistan


Classified websites are becoming more and more popular and the best source of marketing for all types of businesses. You can post your business ad or product ad or services ad, free on most of these classified websites. By posting on these websites you can get lots of customers and enhance your sales.

Free Classified Ads Websites in Pakistan

Free classified ad posting website helping small and medium businesses to increase sales, finding new customers, and even very helpful for marketing of new startups. You can sell anything and rank easily on top of search engines for your product If your ads are professionally designed published on all free classified websites.

Classified Ad Posting Services

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The list of top classified websites in Pakistan is below. Please note that many of the websites are not working properly and some of them are closed. For the addition of any new classified website. Please write in the comments form at the bottom.

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Inquiry Letter for Advertisement Request, and Rates


Request letter to super store, super market, or mall for inquiring advertising rates, and advertising mediums, and suggestions that how we can advertise to attract customers at large.

Sample Letter for Advertisement Request

Dear Ahmad ,

Thank you very much for sparing your time, and meeting with us. As discussed I am writing to request for planning a campaign for Rising Star within the Packages Mall.

Packages Foundation have strong relationship with Rising Star, and supporting us since long. Our main head office is just behind the packages mall in XX, DHA, Lahore. We hope to continue this relationship for enriching business opportunities.

We are approaching you to design a promotional campaign for Rising Star within the mall on discounted rates. And we wish to utilize the following mediums available in the mall during May, and June (Date).

  • TVC on LED Screens
  • Standees/Banners
  • Advertisements in Parking Area
  • Promotional Stalls

Looking for your support, and plan to launch this promotional activity successfully. Your suggestions in this regard are highly welcome as you know all of your promotional mediums very well.

I also request you, and your team to visit our main head office for any further business opportunities we can launch in near future.

Warm Regards,

Muhammad Hamza

Manager Resource Development

Sample Letter Requesting Invoice to Issue Payments


Sample Letter Requesting Invoice from supplier to make payments. Request for invoice by email to make timely payments. How to request invoice from vendor for making payments? Request letter for original invoice from the contractor

Sample Letter to Suppliers Requesting Invoices

The Manger Sales & Marketing
ABC Company

Subject: Invoice for the month of August (Date)

Dear Sir,

With reference to our purchases for the month of Aug (Date) from you, it is observed that you have not issued Invoices against the goods whatever you supplied as yet. You are requested therefore to issue the stated Invoices at your earliest as we have to close our Accounts. Your earliest response shall highly be appreciated in this regard.


For Amber Enterprises

Manager Account & Finance

Letter to Suppliers Requesting Invoices

To all suppliers, and service men,

I am writing to you because I would like to request that you send me the invoices of the supplies that I have purchased, and of the services that I got from you. I need these for some very important documents related to my company. Also I used this money from my personal account, and not from the companies account.

So I need them to get my money back. I need these all before the end of the next month so please send them as soon as you can. I hope that you can do what I ask, and I look forward to hearing back from you.

Kind regards,

Mr. Lucifer Victor

Letter to Subcontractor for Work Delay


Sample letter for delay in project completion. Construction project delay letter. Letter to contractor for poor progress. Warning letter to contractor for project delay. Sample letter to contractor for unfinished work.

Letter to Subcontractor for Work Delay

Dear subcontractor,

I am writing to you because I would like to inform you of the work delays, and why we are having them. As you know there is an outbreak of the swine flu. Over half of my men have caught this sickness. Due to this I have had to delay till I have the correct amount of workers because the machinery, and for safety reasons I have to have minimum of 12 men on site, and I don’t have the right amount of back up men to cover the shifts for the sick men. I hope that you understand, and please forgive the delay but we will soon be back on course.

Kind regards,

Mr. Roland Joyce

Letter to Sub Contractor for Work Delay

The Subcontractor, Municipal Committee (Enter Location Here).

I am writing this letter to inform you that the project we started was to be completed by the end of this month, but due to certain things that include Daily rains, the protests, and some more have become the reason in delay of the completion of the work. The reasons made it impossible for labor to be on the work on time, and thus it delayed our work.
I hope that you will understand, and will extend our project deadline.


Follow up Email After Meeting Client Sample


Business follow up email sample. Thank you email after sales meeting. Thank you email after meeting subject line.

Proposal from Grey Density

Thank you very much for inviting us at your institute for the detailed presentation, and tour of the facility. Richard, and I, both of us were very moved by the work being done at AHF. We’re also very grateful to Mr. Charlotte for personally taking out time to brief us on each matter.

Reference to our conversation, we can help in creation of production of a fundraising campaign for the institute. We have worked out a list of deliverables, and timelines so that expectations are aligned, and we deliver work to you according to your requirements.

Following work is agreed between us:

  • TVC, and Radio Concepts
  • Production of TVC – Outsourced
  • Design of Key Visual (KV) for the Campaign
  • Adapted Designs of KV for OOH/Print
  • Social Media Posts (Quantity = 20 over the period of 2 months)
  • Pitch for the campaign – Around 20th February (we can agree on precise date later)
  • Concepts to be Aligned, and Approved – Before 20th March.
  • Campaign goes live a month earlier to start of May. 20th April

As we talked about it, all of the inhouse work we do for you (as listed above) will be free of charge. Kindly consider it as our humble contribution towards the great work you’re doing. Any expenses incurred for outsourced work will be charged as per actual.

Looking forward to working with you.

Best Regards,

Manager Client Services

Job Application For Business Analyst


Cover letter for business analyst fresher. Entry level business analyst cover letter. Business analyst cover letter with no experience. Business analyst cover letter example. Junior business analyst cover letter. Cover letter for business analyst internship. Business systems analyst cover letter.

Job Application for Business Analyst

The HR Manager,
XYZ Business Firm.

Dear Sir,
It is stated that I am MBA Graduate from the University of Toronto. Securing above 3 GPA, I proved myself in the field, and as well as among the other competitors. Being an analyst was something I have always wanted to do, and I was lucky enough to be a part of the International Analysts Team for a well renowned firm.

Adding more to my experiences I have been working as a private analyst for an entity who is a business tycoon today, not exaggerating my skill set but I believe I can perform very well under immense situations where the field becomes unforgiving, and ruthless, that are where my skills, and expertise come into play.

Understanding the market is one of the core strategies, and one of the core market demands that an analyst must possess, and I have that. I assure you that I shall prove to be an asset to the firm, and the industry by working as your personal business analyst.

I hope that you will find my profile, and my expertise good enough to be considered, and taken into account.

Thanking you,

Write a Business Proposal to Prospective Companies


How to write a business proposal letter to companies, clients, customers, consumers, and distributors from you, or your company.

Business Proposal to Prospective Companies

To all companies,

I am writing to you because I would like to offer a business proposal. My company would like to partner up with other companies. My company specializes in medicine, and we have some very brilliant minds with some real progress in some areas. However we do not have the proper funding from the government since they have made budget cuts.

So I would like to propose to partner up so that we can put our minds, and resources together to make some massive progress in modern day medicine. This was if we all work together we can help this world, and make a big difference. I look forward to hearing back, and our future.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Nick Cutter

Business Ideas to Prospective Companies

The management department, XYZ company, Lahore

Respected sir,

I would like to tell you that I am running a business of transport, and logistics. I have done successful projects, and now I want to extend the business. I assure you the quality my company provides to the customers. We provide transport all over the country, and logistics.

I would like you to give us a chance to serve your company. We give lowest rates as compared to the market. We would like to give our services to you keeping in mind the trust you will put on us. We are looking for a response from you. Thanks


XYZ Company,

New Employee Introduction Email to Clients


New employee announcement to clients in replacement to old employee by the company, or employer etc.

New Employee Introduction Email

The HR Team,

Dear fellow colleagues,

This email is to notify you that we have a new employee in our office, and he shall be joining us from the coming Monday. Apart from exceptional communication skills he comprises of a brilliant skill as well. I would like you to kindly talk to him, and make him feel comfortable in our office environment till he blends in. For now he has been appointed as the floor manager, and will be managing the staff below him.
Feel free to write back in case of any queries.

Thanking you,

Introduction Email to Clients

To all employees,

I am writing to you because I would like to inform you all of some company developments. This company has always done things old school with always keeping paper documents, and backups. No computers, and other technology. However it’s time to change. From next week this company will have its own website with its own email address every employee will have their own computer at their desks so from now you can introduce our email to all clients, and future clients.

This will be just for clients so that if they have any concerns, or worries they can email, and will guarantee an answer within 24 hours.  We hope that with this we will get more, and more clients, and so become a bigger company.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Joe Foster

Proposal Letter for Renting Space


Sample of an intent letter for renting a place. Offer letter for rent of property. Letter of intent to occupy space. Sample letter to rent a shop. Request for office space sample letter. Letter for giving property on rent. Lease proposal letter of intent. Format of offer letter for premises on rent.

Letter for Renting Space

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am writing to you because I know that you have some free space at one of your locations. I would like to rent out that space if that is what you are planning. I need the extra space for storing my things that I don’t use anymore but I can’t get rid of them. This is because my girlfriend is moving in with me so I have to move some of my things to make space for her things.

I would really appreciate it if you could let me rent it out I will pay monthly with a month in advance. This would save me the trouble of having to sell my things as they have sentimental value.

Kind regards,

Mr. Jonathan Clark

Request Letter for Space for Car Wash in Mall

To whom it may concern.

I am writing to you to get your permission to rent out one corner of your car park in your mall, this is because your mall creates bigger opportunity for more customers for my car washing business. This is because you don’t have the opportunity for customers to get their car washed at your mall at the present time.

If you give me the space that I need it will give you the opportunity to make more profit as I will rent out the space plus give you some commission. Please consider this, and I really look forward to hearing back from you.

Yours sincerely,


Request Letter for Space of Car Wash

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to you from Seychelles Car wash Company, I want to ask for permission from you, that I want to open a space for car wash in your mall, as this is one of very famous mall, so I want to open my car wash outlet in it too. So it is a request that please allot me some space for it. It would be a great source of pleasure for me.

Hoping for a positive response

CEO Seychelles Car wash Company

Letter of Introduction of New Product Development


Introduction of New product development to clients, customers, consumers, and distributors. Stages in new product development process giving suitable examples.

Introduction of New Product Development

To whomever it may concern,

I am writing to you because I would like to inform you all on the new product development. As you know my company specializes in hearing aids. Last year we introduced a new hearing aid that is surgically implanted deep into the ear, and helps the person hear slightly but not massively, and over the year we have seen some side effects. Well over the past year we have been working to improve this so that there are no side effects, and the hearing will improve to the point to clear hearing. However it is more dangerous to implant as it is implanted into the hearing part of the brain.

As this is a new development it has been tested out on 1,000 people who have been born deaf they are all willing to go through this procedure.  98% of these people said that they can hear clearly hearing things that they have never heard before. This is a very small implant, and leaves no scar. It will be very affordable to those who can’t usually afford the treatment. This is the official introduction of the development if the new hearing aid.

Yours sincerely,

Company director

Introduction of New Product

The beauty talks parlor, LA

Respected madam,

With due respect, I am writing this letter to you to bring it to your knowledge that we have launched some new cosmetic products. I would like to tell you that the new products are much better than the previous one as they are organic in nature, and lasts longer. Items are BB cream, Lip balm, and compact powder.

The rates are also revised considering the market value. I would like you to use our product as I am sending you the samples along with this letter. I shall be really thankful to you for this favor. Thanks, and I hope you will like it.

Team AM cosmetics, LA