Letter to Apply for Government Small Business Grant

Sample application and covering letter to apply for small grant for your business, business startup or business expansion like new branch opening etc.

Application Letter to Apply for Government Small Business Grant

To whomever it may concern

I am writing to you because I would like to apply for a small business grant. I am starting up my own business and need some help with getting set up and would really appreciate a small loan from the government as this would be for the government. This small grant could help me with getting started and can help benefit the government with better understanding the relationship with the public. I look forward to you reply.

Kind regards

Mr. Lonesome

Apply for Women’s Small Business Grant

The Finance Manager,

Government of Wales.

Dear Sir,

Template for a government grant application for small business start up

Having learnt that government of wales has offered the facility of small loans for its citizens for the purpose of starting their small businesses.  I wish to apply for the same.

As far as I am concerned, I have been graduated in hotel management and having vast experience of working as manager for various hotels, guesthouses and restaurants. Now, I intend to run my own business utilizing all my past experience in this field. For this purpose, first of all I will have to get a building on rent and then other mandatory works will also be made completed. Therefore, you are requested to give approval for the grant of loan at least 0.2 million £ so that I could commence the business.

Please advise as necessary for completing the entire process of sanctioning the said loan and oblige.

With regards,

Thomas Becket.

Application for grant for small business


Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter with much hope and to request you to fund my small business. Last year I started my own clothing company and have been working for it rigorously ever since. We have had many sales in the past year, much more than I expected and I am very happy with the results. Our business is a small scale business confined to a local level. However, now I wish to take my business to a national level and this will require some help from your side. I will be investing in this business myself but I will be grateful if you could grant me a certain amount of money to fulfill my dream. I need this grant so that I can cover the costs that the tailors will require for their work and to improve the work space. With time, we will soon create our own website so our customers can shop online and we will need funds to maintain the website as well.

I will anxiously be waiting for an affirmative response.

Best Regards,

Noman Iftikhar

20th October 2018


Requisition Letter for Office Equipment

Requisition letter for purchase of equipment for office like tables, chair, ups, mouse, printer, scanner, copier, led, multimedia, projector, speakers, remote etc.

Requisition Letter for Office Equipment

Respected Sir,

I Uswah Iqbal, working as an office manager since last two years. This application is to inform you that many of the office equipment are now not in good working condition and it is now the need of office to buy some new items so that workers can do work easily and comfortable zone as they are facing problems while doing work and complaining. These equipment include stationary, some computer systems as well. So it would be a huge favor if you could get this as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Office manager,

Request Letter for Office Equipment

The Floor Manager,
XYZ Company

respected sir,
the following application is being written to you on behalf of the whole floor staff. It is stated that since a few weeks now after our office was moved from the third floor to the first we have lost a lot of office equipment in the moving process. Moreover since the joining of the new office staff we have been experiencing a lack in everyday use office equipment as well.

I am attaching a list of the office equipment that we need the most right now and without which working on a daily basis is very hard for us. I hope you will consider our situation and provide us with all the office equipment that we need.
Best Regards,

Letter of Intent to Open a Business

Letter of intent for business purchase. Letter of intent for business partnership. Letter of intent for business venture. Simple letter of intent. letter of intent for new business

Letter Of Intent to Open a Business

(Enter Friends Name Here),

Dear friend,
I am fine and I hope you are doing fine too. Congratulations on your recent graduation, I couldn’t be more proud of you. Friend, as you know the inflation rate in our country is on the rise. It’s very hard to earn bread and better whilst keeping legality of work in mind.

I had an idea a few weeks back and wanted to discuss it with you. As you know, I am not working for anyone right now and always had plans to build my own business and grow with it. I didn’t discuss my plan with you sooner as I wanted to do some research on it first myself. Although I had a lot of business startups plans in my mind but the plan that hit me the most was to start up my own gaming zone and carry on with it.

The idea for starting up a gaming zone came to me when I met an old friend, as he is jobless himself nowadays he wanted me to associate with him in the field of work. I will be the main investor in our start up. You the main with the brains will deal with all the management issues and come up with solutions to our everyday problems. My other friend will help us in the constructions and maintenance of our site respectively.
All in need from you is an acknowledgement and I hope that I will get it.

Best regards,

Letter Rejecting an Offer after Accepting

Sample letter to reject or regret for accepting job work offer. Letter to reject business offer, letter to reject partnership offer.

You can reject any offer after acceptance for any violations, wrong doing, breach of terms or for any other logical reason. We provided multiple letters with many possible reasons. However you can customize the letters or let us know what you want. We will do it for you. Samples are below:

Letter to Reject Work Offer

Respected Mahnoor,
Extremely sorry for not getting back to you was really busy in last days also I think thesis is not my area of interest I was taking it as a proposal initially but I guess it’s not. Actually I have experience of writing professional proposal and reports as have worked in a development consultancy for more than 2 years as associate economist so my interest is something of that kind i am finding this thesis thing a bit different and i guess as for now its time would be over too. If you got anything you think I could do please tell me I would look forward to it

Thanks for your anticipation
Tamsila Hasan

Letter Rejecting an Offer after Accepting

Company name
Job vacancy

Respected HR manager!

Hope you find this in good health. I recently gave an interview for the job mentioned in your company and two days back I got the call telling me that I was qualified for the job and was asked if I wanted to join from coming Monday.

I said yes without giving it much thought but now I am thinking I may have said it too soon as I got job offer from another company with more benefits and as for now I would like to work for them .Grateful for your time and consideration.



Letter Rejecting an Offer after Accepting

To Respected Sir,

I am writing from New York’s Company. As recently our company had accepted your offer to launch your brand with the help of our advertising in TV. I am really sorry that our company is having second thoughts due to which we are rejecting your proposal. I hope you agree with our decisions.

Thank You

Katherine Dave.

Notice of Expiry of Business Contract

Sample notice to business partner or partner company to intimate about the expiry of fixed term contract and request the renewal of the contract for further/future business relationship.

Notice for Expiry of Fixed Term Contract

Mr. Alex Steward
Head of Business Development
Wall Street Company,
West ham

Dear Sir,

I am hoping that you are enjoying good health and I am praying for the same.

It is to bring into your kind attention that we had entered into business development agreement with your good honour dated January 01, XXXX. The reference no. of the agreement is XXX/XXX/XXXX. The agreement was expired on December 31, XXXX

For this purpose, our team of legal experts drafted an agreement for renewal purposes wherein your professional fee enhanced from $100,000 to $ 150,000 on annual basis. Further, out of pocket expenses shall be 15% of professional fee. The other scope of services mainly comprises the same as of previous agreement.

We are enclosing draft agreement herewith for your ready reference. You are advised to provide us with your concurrence on the same so that we may proceed with finalization of said agreement at our earliest.

We are looking forward to continue professional business relationships with your organization.

Thanking you and with profound regards.

Very truly yours,

Alan Taylor
Head of Business Development

End of Contract Notice Letter Sample

Respected Sir/Miss,

I would like to draw your attention on an important issue, that our business contract expiry date has been arrived which is 30th September 20XX.

Kindly renew the Business contract or apply for new one because after expiry date no one will be accommodated.

Thank you


Request Letter for Extension of Business Contract

Respected Sir,

I hope you are doing great in health. I am writing this letter to you so that I can discuss some issues with you. First of all, as you know our business contract is about to end at the middle of March and a lot of work on interior project of Kazmi’s building is left, and it will take about two to three months to get completed. So I want you to please extend the contract date till June so that we can both complete the work easily. Hope you will response positively.


Ahmed Niaz

Hate Your Job? Start Business from Your Mobile Phone Today

Most of the job holders and job seekers don’t know how to start your own earning from mobile phones. Because when ever we think about business, many questions comes to mind like: Heavy investment, planning, risk of failure and losses, staff hiring, office place and rent, tax, loans, heavy credits in business, idea is not suitable, How I will survive if job lost and many more questions always stop us thinking to start any business.

From this article you will learn how to start earning from your smart mobile phone quickly. Smartphone business ideas can change your life without any investments.

Business Ideas with Mobile Phones

Below is the list of businesses you can start with your smartphone. We only discussed few selected mobile phone business opportunities.

YouTube Channel:

YouTube channel creation is easiest create and start earning. Following are the main areas to start and earn:

Informative Videos:

You can make informational videos as per your knowledge about a particular problem or topic. Like you can make a video about your profession to guide others whether to enter in your field or not. Further you can discuss the scope of your profession, problems and difficulties, future and who should join this profession and who shall not.

This is just an example you are free to make videos on any topic but make sure all shall be interesting and rich of knowledge and facts of the video must be real. If your video is good enough for others to learn about anything or something and it worth watching and spending time to watch you can monetize it and start earning from the YouTube with an Adsense account.

Educational Videos:

If you are a teacher you can record lectures of particular subjects according to your specialised subjects or you can criticise any teaching methods or appreciate the educations system whatever you know and can be valuable for others.

Record and monetise your videos and starting earning from YouTube channel. You can create videos for your own students, for other school students, you can teach syllabus books, and enjoy earnings.

Entertainment Videos:

You can make entertaining videos like prank videos or videos regarding any event to entertain the people and make them happy. You will be amazed from the results.

Video Tutorials:

If you are skillful you can make videos to teach the viewers for how do certain tasks, can solve problems, making things and much more can be added to this category like tutorial to use computers, repair computers, using software etc etc.

Adventurous Videos:

If you love adventures you can make videos to show your adventures to others like, racing on a car, touring a place, skydiving, writing memories, where people get involved emotionally. Give attractive title to your videos. Monetise and start earning.


Review Writing:

Your can write your expert advice about any product or service you have been used or you know well about the product or your friend is using and you know the whole story. This type of articles are high in demand and people always prefer to read about products/services before they buy. Monetise your blog with Adsense and start earning.

Guides to Do(tutorials)

You can write guides/instructions to solve problems, make goods, procedures to perform tasks and things related to people interests. Never imagine the this thing not need tutorials. Every tutorial is valuable and it depends how beautiful and easy way you create it.

Video Guides:

You can create video tutorials to perform the tasks and you can choose to write first all the procedure and than make a video to do the task. Many time people hesitate to read but love to watch video tutorials. So you should create both the options. it doesn’t matter other blogger offering same tutorial/guide you should make it by yourself in your own way and you can tell better way to perform the task.


Sales of Affiliate Platform Products,
Selling your items on Sales Platforms
Selling your services

SMS Marketing:

SMS Marketing

You can use your mobile for sms marketing for clients. You can buy sms portal for bulk messaging or use any mobile for for bulk sms sending and offer your clients sms marketing service. For this purpose you can send promotional sms to prospective clients and offer them different packages and rates.

WhatsApp Marketing:

This is most demanding marketing tool now a days. Everyone have no idea to send bulk whatsapp message to the clients. You can google for whatsapp bulk messaging software and after learning and trial you can offer whatsapp marketing messages to your clients. Real estate is major sector interested in whatsapp marketing. This service is almost free for you and you can charge your clients even more rates than sms messages.

Mobile Apps:

Make Mobile app related to your core competency and offer the android and ios users any kind of content/service or support and earn money from ads or directly charging the users. You can also sale your app.

Mobile Games:

You can plan a mobile game, get it build and launch on android/ios for Entertainment and Education of People.

Mobile phone related business ideas to learn how to start a business on your phone. Businesses you can start from your smartphone are discussed.

Please mention your idea in the comments form below.

M. Samiullah
CEO SemiOffice

Medical Clinic Business Proposal

Sample medical clinic proposal, clinic proposal sample, sample proposal for health clinic. Clinic profile sample, Project proposal for building a clinic, clinic project proposal, health care proposal template, medical clinic business plan.

Proposal for Consultancy Clinic

To make a consultant clinic at AHF

Name of Clinic: AHF Rehabilitation Clinic for Children

Purpose of this Clinic:

To facilitate the parents who cannot get admission because of residential and family issues or due to non availability of seats.

Abstract of Clinic:

In AHF due to limited sources we cannot give admission to each and every child in order to make their parent satisfied we can offer them a clinic where they can present with their medical as well as psychosocial problems. Affordable people have to pay demanded fees per visit.

Staff of Clinic:

  • licensed medical doctor.(30000)
  • Licensed psychologist(18000)
  • Licensed speech therapist(18000)
  • Licensed physiotherapist(18000)

Services Provided in this Clinic:

Medical Services Proposal

  • General checkup of child
  • Deals with presenting complain of mother and child.

Psychologic Services Proposal

  • Screening
  • Counseling
  • Management
  • Parent Counseling
  • Regular session can be conducted if required(500per session)

Speech Therapy Proposal

  • Assessment
  • Receptive language
  • Expressive language
  • IEP plan and management

Physiotherapy Assessment Proposal

  • Complete assessment
  • Motor assessment
  • Fine motors assessments
  • Exercises and management plan by using different tools.

All services will be provided in $4 per visit

Assessment Clinic Proposal

To make exclusive Private Assessment Team.

Purpose of this proposal.

  • To facilitate the parents
  • In case of private assessment, all team members should be available for assessment only.
  • In case of no assessment, whole team will be available for school task.
  • Assessment report should be given to parents  within 10 days
  • Assessment team members:
  • Licensed doctor(30,000)
  • Experienced Psychologist(18,000)
  • Experienced Speech and Language therapist
  • Experienced Physiotherapist
  • Experienced Occupational therapist
  • Experienced Sensory therapist
  • Types of Assessment & its Charges:

1) Comprehensive Psycho-educational and Medical assessment(15000)

2) Psychological assessment:

  • Diagnostic assessment
  • Development assessment
  • Intellectual assessment(7000)
  • Functional academic assessment
  • Adaptive assessment
  • IEP plan and management
  • Report writing

3)speech therapy assessment(4000)

  • Detail speech and language assessment
  • Give IEP  and management.

4) Physiotherapy assessment.(4000)

  • Gross motor assessment
  • Fine motor assessment

Resignation Letter for Starting a Business

Sample resignation letter for starting a business. Resignation to start own business. Resignation letter due to family business. Resignation letter due to business opportunity.

Resign to Start a Business




Street Address
City, ST ZIP Code

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing to you because I would like to hand in my notice and resign. As agreed I will work the two week till I leave permanently. The reasons for me leaving is that my dream of owning my own business is finally come true. I do hope that you understand and wish me the best in my future.

Kind regards

Clients name

Your Name

Resignation Letter for Starting a Business

The Manager HR,
Standard Bank.

Respected Sir,

It is submitted that undersigned has been working for your bank since 2016. During my working period, I have worked devotedly and honestly and always tried to accomplish the assigned tasks in exquisitely beautiful way.

Sir, My father who have recently been retired from his government service, and I have planned to start a business of Book Shop at main bazar of the city. As you know that establishing a business requires excessive hard work and laborious hours to stand it in the market. Being the elder son, it is my prime responsibility to assist my father altogether.

In the light of above mentioned facts, I request herewith to tender my resignation from the post of computer operator, Standard Bank, Washington.

You are requested to please consider my application and give clearance to finance wing so that I could obtain my dues from the bank.

Thanking you,

XYZ, Computer Operator.

Resignation Letter For Own Business

The HR office,
Xyz Company.

Respected sir,

It is to inform that I have been working at your company for over two years by now. It has been a wonderful experience but I strive for more. I loved the job however I wish to move forward with my own business. I am going to run a restaurant around my area. To do this my presence is required during work hours which I cannot do while keeping this job. Also, I believe that someone more deserving can have this job.

I hope you will understand my position and accept my resignation.

Thank you

John Lawrence

Letter to Explain Reasons for Not Going Abroad

Sample explain letter to friend giving reasons for not going abroad.

Reasons for Not Going Abroad

Dearest friend Mike,

Hope you are doing well? How is everyone at home? I am good and everything is fine at my end.

I have received your letter last week but due to some important piece of work I couldn’t reply to you. I have got to know that your business is going very well and you want to expand it and for that you need a trust worthy person and I am glad that you have considered me by putting all your trust in me. But sadly I cannot accept your offer because there are some solid reasons of my refusal.

First of all as you know I am a family oriented man and I just cannot leave them here, parents my kids my wife everyone needs me here. The other reason is that I have started my own business that I have already told you about. By the grace of GOD my business is running successfully and I am planning to hand over it to my elder son but for the supervision I have to be here.

Last but not the least as I have told you already that there are some disputes in our family over the property and if I will leave the country they will overtake my parents property which I cannot let happen. So because all of these reasons I cannot come to you.

I know you will feel a bit sad but please try to understand my situation. I am all bounded. I hope you will understand my position and this will never hurt our friendship. Take good care of your health and pay my regards to everyone at home.

Yours truly,

Rex Duke

Explain Letter to Friend for Not Going Abroad

Dear Kamran,

I hope you are doing well in health, I am good too. As I have received your letter this Monday, in which you have invited me to Europe. I know you are working there, for about 4 years and you know much about the work there but the thing is that my family won’t allow me to go there and earn living in totally different continent. Secondly here I am earning a good amount of salary monthly and I do not need another job. Lastly, living without family is very difficult as you know I am very close to my parents.

Thank you so much for offering me this, but seriously I am very happy and satisfied with my life.

Take care.

Amjad Butt