How to Write a Claim Letter for a Refund

Want to write a letter to claim a refund? We are giving you sample email letter templates to claim a refund from a vendor, customer, company, supplier, and online seller. If you need a new letter, please let us know in the comments form. Payment Refund Claim Letter from a Supplier Company NameAddress, City Subject: … Continue reading “How to Write a Claim Letter for a Refund”

Insurance Claim Letter for SmartPhone

Want to claim Phone Insurance. Sample letter to send to the insurance company when either your cell phone has been stolen, misplaced, or damaged, then insurance can be claimed for either refund or repair of the damages. SmartPhone Insurance Claim (Accidental Damage or Not Working) Dear Sir, I purchased my smartphone on (date) and included … Continue reading “Insurance Claim Letter for SmartPhone”

Letter for Claiming Travel Expenses

Sample letter to claim travel expenses from office, manager, director, school, govt office, or wherever you are working. Letter for Claiming Travel Expenses The District Officer, Scottish Fire Service. Dear Sir, Kindly refer to the subject as cited above, it is submitted that undersigned has made visit to London in compliance of your order for … Continue reading “Letter for Claiming Travel Expenses”

Letter to Claim Health Insurance

Sample application letter to insurance company for claim of medical, and health insurance due to surgery, sickness, accident injuries etc. Letter to Claim Medical Insurance To Mr. Kevin Presley Director Claims EFF Insurance Co. Florida, USA Sir, I am writing this letter to claim my health insurance as I am suffering from a heart disease. Doctors … Continue reading “Letter to Claim Health Insurance”

Marine Insurance Claim Letter Sample

Sample letter to an insurance company for a claim of marine insurance, boat insurance, sailing boat insurance, and other smaller, or larger marines, etc. Claim letter sample for lost goods on marine. Notice of claim letter to the insurance company for marine. Marine Insurance Claim Letter to Insurance Company Dear Sir, I am requesting an immediate insurance … Continue reading “Marine Insurance Claim Letter Sample”

Letter to Claim Life Insurance from Insurance Company

Sample letter to insurance company to request the claim of life insurance after accident, and the person died who was paying insurance. Letter to life insurance company for Claim. Sample Letter Claim Life Insurance Policy The Manager Operations (East Zone), Reverent Insurance Company, New York. Dear Sir, This pains us to remember the sudden death … Continue reading “Letter to Claim Life Insurance from Insurance Company”

Sample Letter to Claim Car Insurance

Want to claim your car insurance from an insurance company? Sample appeal letter to claim car insurance for accident, broken, theft, stolen, etc. Also, you can claim insurance if your car is hit for any reason. Please remember to read car insurance terms and conditions before you put insurance claim. For more Insurance Letters, Click … Continue reading “Sample Letter to Claim Car Insurance”