Discontinuation of Services – Outlet Closure Notice

Below are the templates for announcing the closure or discontinuation of services, outlets, and franchises in a specific area. Please let us know in the comments if you need new or custom templates for your personal or business needs. Subject: Immediate Termination of Services – Outlet Closure Notice (Short) Dear [External Service Provider’s Name], We … Continue reading “Discontinuation of Services – Outlet Closure Notice”

Account Closure Confirmation Letter From Bank

Sample letter from bank to customer to close account. Bank account closing letter sample format. Format of bank letter when they closing the account of a person due to any reason. Bank Account Closure Confirmation from Bank Dear Sir/Madam, As per your request we would like to inform you that your account # 457737837372 in dha … Continue reading “Account Closure Confirmation Letter From Bank”

Business Closure Letter to Government

Sample business closure letter to tax office. Company closing/wind up intimation letter to various government departments. Letter to Income Tax Department for Closure of Business Dear government department of education I am writing to you because I would like to inform you that we would no longer be doing any business of any kind in the … Continue reading “Business Closure Letter to Government”

Application to Close the Bank Account Sample

Sample application to bank branch manager to close bank account due to death, or any other reason. We provided multiple letters for different accounts, and for different reasons. If you need a new please write in comments. Savings Bank Account Closing Letter The Branch Manager, Bank of Wales. Dear Sir, I wish to apply for … Continue reading “Application to Close the Bank Account Sample”

Office Closed Notifications to Clients

Sample notice to clients of the office closed during the annual day, festival, games, holidays, vacations, emergency, or any other reason. Office Closed Notice to Clients, and Employees Subject: Notice for Office Closing due to Covid 19 Dear Clients, or Employees, This is to inform all the clients/employees that the company offices/branches will remain closed … Continue reading “Office Closed Notifications to Clients”