Formal Congratulations Message from High School Director to Graduating Students

Below are the templates of the congratulations messages by the director, principal, and headmaster for the graduating students. Please let us know in the comments if you need a new, custom, or different templates for your personal, business, or schools needs. Template 1: Formal Congratulations Message from High School Director to Graduating Students [High School … Continue reading “Formal Congratulations Message from High School Director to Graduating Students”

Appreciation Letter to Teacher from Principal

This letter can be sent to a teacher, professor, PE teacher, or any other member of the teaching staff for appreciation purposes on the basis of academic achievements, or any competition that has been won, or for organizing any Gala, or Event. This letter can be modified according to your needs, or your circumstances. Appreciation … Continue reading “Appreciation Letter to Teacher from Principal”

Letter to Sister Congratulating Her on her Success

Sample on how to write a congratulatory letter to your sister who has recently aced her examination, and the results are clearly showing the hard=work that she has put in. Never Forget to Give Gifts to the Girls. Gifts for an achievement actually motivate the girls to do more and more in life. Letter to … Continue reading “Letter to Sister Congratulating Her on her Success”

Congratulation Letter for Promotion

Want to congratulate someone? Sample of Congratulatory Letter on Promotion in business, office by fellow well-wisher colleague, or friend of the man of the hour. Email to Congratulate on Job Promotion by Fellows or Seniors, Manager, etc Dear Sir, Congratulations on your promotion. Hopefully, this promotion will be very beneficial for the company as well … Continue reading “Congratulation Letter for Promotion”

Congratulation Letter After Job Interview

Format of best wishes letter to a friend, colleague, relative who has appeared for a job interview, and has aced it. This letter will help you tell them how proud you are of that individual. Congratulatory Letter To Friend After Successful Job Interview To, My dearest friend ABC. I just received a letter from you … Continue reading “Congratulation Letter After Job Interview”

Congratulations Letter Receiving Award

Sample letter to congratulate your friend, teacher, boss, manager, or colleague on award receiving. Examples of congratulations message on receiving award to send in email, letter for your learning like how you can congratulate someone on receiving an award. Congratulations Message on Receiving Award Many Congratulations. You Succeeded. You Awarded. I am feeling honor to … Continue reading “Congratulations Letter Receiving Award”

Congratulations on Your Job Transfer

Sample Congratulation Letter to staff on the transfer of Job into a new office, or transfer of job from one department to another department, or new department within the same company. Sample Congratulations Message on Job Transfer Dear (Name of Receiver), I hope you receive this letter in the best of your health. I was … Continue reading “Congratulations on Your Job Transfer”