Congratulation Letter After Job Interview

Format of best wishes letter to a friend, colleague, relative who has appeared for a job interview, and has aced it. This letter will help you tell them how proud you are of that individual.

Congratulatory Letter To Friend After Successful Job Interview


My dearest friend ABC. I just received a letter from you telling me about the success of you job interview. I was overjoyed to know that you have got selected. I always knew that you are very skillful, and will succeed in every step of your life.

Maybe you still remember the days of our college when you were always praised for your intelligence by our teachers too. You have always been very talented, and hardworking. All you ever needed was just a bit of self confidence.

And now you know that as you have been selected for this job then it means that you are very good at it, and can achieve all your goals through this platform. So always stay motivated, and keep succeeding in your life.

Now whenever I will come to your place we will discuss your job in detail, and I will also get a treat from you for this delightful event.

Sending lots of love to your side.


Yours forever,


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