Request for Exam Retake Due to Low Attendance

Below are the 4 templates to request exam retake due to low attendance in school, college, or university. Please let us know in the comments if you need new or custom templates for your personal or business needs. Template 1: Request for Exam Retake Due to Low Attendance (Friendly Tone) Dear [Principal’s Name], I hope … Continue reading “Request for Exam Retake Due to Low Attendance”

Sample Application To Prepone Exam

Sample Application to principal, or teacher to take Exam Early due to Obligations of Religious Festival to avoid any unhappy incident. Request Letter to Principal For Change in Exam Date To, The principal, Oxford grammar school Respected sir, With due respect I, John Marcus, am writing this letter to request you to take our exams … Continue reading “Sample Application To Prepone Exam”

Sample Letter Requesting Exam Results

Sample request letter for exam results. Sample appeal letter for exam results school, college, or university. Application letter for missing result. Complaint letter about exam results. Letter of omission of the result. Application Letter for Result Collection To, Deputy Controller Examinations, Gauhati University, Dear Sir, With due reverence, it is stated that I am unable … Continue reading “Sample Letter Requesting Exam Results”

Application for Change of Examination Center by Student

Want to request for change of examination center? We are providing you with sample templates to ask for a change of examination center. Sample application requesting Change of Examination Centre near to your residence due to transportation and other related issues. You can send the application by email or present it personally to the controller … Continue reading “Application for Change of Examination Center by Student”

Apology Letter for Not Attending Exam

Sample application for not attending school exam due to illness or accident. Apology letter for being absent without notice. Sample apology letter to principal for absence. Application for not Attending School Exam The Principal, It is humbly requested that a road accident happened to last month. Due to that, I had to spend almost 28 days in hospital as my right knee was fractured. My all family members were extremely … Continue reading “Apology Letter for Not Attending Exam”

Leave Application for Exam by Employees

Sample leave application to the boss or manager to appear in examinations in college or university while doing your job. leave Application for Exam Preparation from Office The Manager Operations, Urban Waste Management Company, Scotland. Dear Sir, LEAVE APPLICATION FOR EXAMS I humbly stated that I am working as a Junior Clerk in your good office; … Continue reading “Leave Application for Exam by Employees”

Leave Application During Examination

Sample of leave application during examination in school, and you need to appear in next school examination. Leave Application for missing exam in school, college, or university. Application Letter for Not Appearing in Exam on Death my Sister To, The headmistress, XYZ College, pune, Respected madam, With due respect it is stated that my family had … Continue reading “Leave Application During Examination”

Application for Duplicate Marks Sheet

Want to write a request for a duplicate copy of the marks sheet? We are giving you sample applications for duplicate mark-sheet in school. Application for a duplicate certificate. Duplicate mark-sheet application format. Application for mark-sheet return. Request letter for duplicate certificate sample. Request For a Copy of Marks Sheet Dear Sir/Madam, I want to … Continue reading “Application for Duplicate Marks Sheet”

Half-Day Leave Application for Exam

Sample half-day leave application from the office to appear in the examination. This application can be used when you are doing a job, and your studies, and giving examinations. Half Day Leave Application for Appearing in Exams Dear Sir, My papers are scheduled and there is one paper every second day and total are six … Continue reading “Half-Day Leave Application for Exam”

Sample Application for Marksheet from University

Application to request detailed mark sheet from University, College, or School available. Sample request application letter to university or College for detailed mark-sheet after your final examination to apply for further education or job. If you need an application for correction in the mark sheet, please click here. Requesting Mark Sheet from School/College/University, or Board … Continue reading “Sample Application for Marksheet from University”