Leave Application for Easter Holidays


Sample format of leave application that you can give at your workplace to tell them that Easter is an important holiday for you, and want to spend it with your family.

Short Leave Application for Easter Holidays to Send in Email, SMS, or WhatsApp

Dear Sir,
I (Your Name) request for leave of two days for Easter on (Date to Date). It is our religious day celebrated worldwide. I hope you oblige my request.

(Your Name)

Requesting Extra Leaves with Easter Holidays

Dear Madam,

I need two days of additional leaves from (date to date) to celebrate Easter with my family. I hope you will grant my leave request.

Sincerely Yours,

(Your Name)

Leave Application for Easter Holidays

To: Officer Graford
Fort Langley, British Columbia

I am writing to request a religious leave.  I am a practicing Christian, and the Easter holidays will begin on the 4th of April. I will be visiting my family in a nearby city, and attending Easter mass at church.

Therefore, I request a leave for (Number of Days for leave like 3 days, 4 days, 5 days, etc.) days from the (Date) to the (Date) of April.

I await your response,

Geraldine Marvin
Fort Langley, British Columbia, Canada

Leave Application for Easter Holidays to Celebrate with Family

Dear Sir,

With all due respect, I am writing to ask for your permission for three leaves. My family, and I will celebrate Easter together in another city, and I needed three days’ leave. This holiday is significant to me since I spend these holidays with my family. My whole family gathers at our old family house that belongs to my grandmother, and we all celebrate. We all catch up with each other, and stories are heard from each family member to know how their life has been lately. Presents are distributed, and an appetizing feast is prepared.

These holidays are meant to remind us that we should be grateful for the loving family that we have, and we should always keep our work aside, and make a bit of time for them. This holiday is very near to my family, and me. I hope you will respect my family’s tradition, and allow me a leave.

Best Regards,

Bilal Ali

HR Employee

Family Leave Application for Functions etc


Sample family function leave application. Family leave application new jersey. Family problem leave application is available below.

Family Leave Application for Umrah

The Manager,
Meezan Bank,
Cantonment, Kharian.

Subject: Application For Leave For A Personal Family Trip


Welcome back! With all praise to Allah who has bestowed his endless blessings upon you, and you are now looking physically fit, and healthy. Your presence was felt direly, but the motto you had instilled in all branch employees could not let us be untrue to our service even in your absence.

Sir, I am applying for a leave of 3 weeks from 30-1-XX till 20-2-XX on account of my family tour for Umra. In sha allah! Our seats are confirmed for 29-1-XX, time 11:00 pm, Wednesday. I will be paying a tour for Umrah with my whole family. My married elder brother, and sister along with their family will be joining also.

Kindly grant approval to my family leave. Your early response is requested.

Yours Truely,

Atiq Ullah Sultani
Customer Care Representative
(Cantonment branch)

Family Leave Application for Trip

Dear boss,

I am writing to you because I would like to apply for my family to have some leave to have a family vacation, as you know three members of my family work at your hotel resort. I would like that you give me, and the other members the time off work so that we can go on a family vacation. Every year one member plans the trip this year it was my son. It has been paid for two weeks.

I have done this letter some time in advance so that you are given enough notice. The trip is after two months. I hope that you can grant us the time off as we do work hard at our jobs.

Kind regards,

Bunker Family

Family Leave Application

The Managing Director,
Faisal Group of Engineers,

Dear Sir,

It is humbly stated that we all family members along with other relatives have planned a family tour of worth seeing places of Pakistan. For this purpose we all are leaving for Swat, and Kashmir for a week. Everyone is excited about the tour. I request you to allow me leave for a week. I shall be highly thankful to you for your kind favor.

Leave Application for Niece Marriage

Respected Manager,

I sent this application for permission to take leave from the office for a week due to my niece’s marriage. As her father passed away when she was young, so I have taken care of her since then, and as her uncle all the responsibilities of arranging the wedding are on my shoulder. I request you to please approve my application for the leave so I can focus on the arrangements, and when I will come back to the office after the leave, I will catch up on all the missed meetings, and important work with the assistance of my Personal assistant.

I would be very grateful to you.

Best Regards,

Ali Noor

Head IT Department

Leave Application for Death in Family


Sample Leave Application for Death in Family. Leave Application Format for Death in Family for School, college, office, company, employee, factory worker, or anyone else who is working somewhere else.

Application for Leave Due to Death in Family

Dear Sir, or Madam,

I request you for one day’s leave due to death in our family. I hope you will grant my humble request.

Sincerely Your,

(Your Name)

Leave Application Due to Death in Family to Submit in School for Your Children

Dear Headmistress,

It is on the unfortunate event of my mother-in-law’s death that I am writing to you. My family requests leave for our children for the next week, from (Date) To (Date), to attend funeral services in our village.

Your co-operation is deeply appreciated.



Sample Leave Application to Manager for Sudden Death in Family

The General Manager,
Subject: Leave Application for Death in Family
Dear Sir,
I was greatly shocked to listen to the news of my Aunt’s death through my cousin yesterday via a telephone call. So I have to go to Hyderabad to attend her funeral ceremony. So I request that I should be given casual leave for three days.
Yours Sincerely,

M. Saim

School Leave Application for Death in Family by Parents in School

The Principal,

Subject: leave for 3 days as my son’s uncle died

Dear Sir,

Please be informed that my husband’s brother has passed away. He was the best uncle my son had. They were both very close and loved each other a lot. Alas! He’s no more. I request you kindly grant my son, Umar Shahzad, of Class 3A, three days’ leave,(Date) To (Date), to attend the funeral ceremony and observe the memorial services thereafter. I shall remain grateful to you.


Mrs. Shaheen Shahzad.

M/O Umar Shahzad.

Class 3A

Sample Leave Application for Death of a Relative to Submit in Office.

Manager HR,

Company Name,

Subject: Leave Application for Death of a Relative

Dear Sir/ Madam,

It is stated with sorrowful feelings that my uncle was ill from last year. He had lung cancer. He was under treatment in the hospital, but his ailment increased and was uncontrolled from last month. He died last night. Their family lived in Karachi that is very far from Lahore. I have to attend his funeral ceremony. He was very kind to my family and me. May Allah rest him in peace. I am leaving for the airport in half an hour hence please allow me to leave for just two days. Please be kind, and allow me. Thank you very much.

Your playfully,

Usama Aslam