Application for Grant of Educational Stipend

Sample of format of application to administration department that is principle, dean, headmaster of college, university etc to tell them to give you stipend for educational grant for semester.

Format of Application for Grant of Educational Stipend


I am writing to you this application for the grant of my educational stipend.

As you know, the university has already issued the voucher of annual fees for the 3rd year and I have only 10 days to submit my dues. I am running short of money.

I am a student of 4th semester. My educational record is extra-ordinary. In the previous year, I was the topper of my class and my attendance was 98%. Sir, I am a promising student and I deserve this educational stipend.

Kindly, grant me an educational stipend so I could submit my dues on time for the next year.

Thank You!

Application for grant for university

Respected Sir,

I hope you are doing well.  I am writing this application with much hope to receive a grant from the university to fund my studies.  I am currently doing my Bachelors from your institute and am facing critical financial issues. My mother is a housewife and does not have the qualifications to get a job and earn for our family. My father is the only earning person in our house and day by day his health is deteriorating. I have two siblings who are also his dependents and do not earn themselves.  They are pursuing their secondary education which is very expensive. We do have not have any assets of our own and live in a rented portion. I try working part time so I can manage my tuition fee as well as my education.

Lately it has been getting very difficult for me. I do not earn enough to pay off my tuition fee and cannot get a full time job as well. If I do so, my studies will be neglected and I will not be able to maintain my GPA. My father is a heart patient and he has to bear his medical costs as well. A lot of money is spent on his medicines weekly. I would be very grateful if the university could grant my tuition fee keeping in mind my financial situation. Thank you for your time and co operation.

Best Regards,

Seemi Zameer

15th October (Date)

Letter to Apply for Government Small Business Grant

Sample application and covering letter to apply for small grant for your business, business startup or business expansion like new branch opening etc.

Application Letter to Apply for Government Small Business Grant

To whomever it may concern

I am writing to you because I would like to apply for a small business grant. I am starting up my own business and need some help with getting set up and would really appreciate a small loan from the government as this would be for the government. This small grant could help me with getting started and can help benefit the government with better understanding the relationship with the public. I look forward to you reply.

Kind regards

Mr. Lonesome

Apply for Women’s Small Business Grant

The Finance Manager,

Government of Wales.

Dear Sir,

Template for a government grant application for small business start up

Having learnt that government of wales has offered the facility of small loans for its citizens for the purpose of starting their small businesses.  I wish to apply for the same.

As far as I am concerned, I have been graduated in hotel management and having vast experience of working as manager for various hotels, guesthouses and restaurants. Now, I intend to run my own business utilizing all my past experience in this field. For this purpose, first of all I will have to get a building on rent and then other mandatory works will also be made completed. Therefore, you are requested to give approval for the grant of loan at least 0.2 million £ so that I could commence the business.

Please advise as necessary for completing the entire process of sanctioning the said loan and oblige.

With regards,

Thomas Becket.

Application for grant for small business


Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter with much hope and to request you to fund my small business. Last year I started my own clothing company and have been working for it rigorously ever since. We have had many sales in the past year, much more than I expected and I am very happy with the results. Our business is a small scale business confined to a local level. However, now I wish to take my business to a national level and this will require some help from your side. I will be investing in this business myself but I will be grateful if you could grant me a certain amount of money to fulfill my dream. I need this grant so that I can cover the costs that the tailors will require for their work and to improve the work space. With time, we will soon create our own website so our customers can shop online and we will need funds to maintain the website as well.

I will anxiously be waiting for an affirmative response.

Best Regards,

Noman Iftikhar

20th October (Date)

Letter to Prime Minister for Grant or Financial Help

Request letter to prime minister for rural development grant for your area. You can also request for financial help from a local company for the development in your village, area, town, city etc.

Letter to Prime Minister for Grant or Financial Help

Dear prime minister

I am writing to you for an application for financial help for my town. I am the mayor of this town and the civilians are struggling with just living and surviving on very little money.  We are asking for a loan or a boost in wages or lower taxes just so that the civilians can have more money for food and a roof over their head. When you live in rural areas such as this you don’t get much trade from travellers and its very difficult to go into another town or city everyday for work as they are both miles away and can not afford the travel.

I would be very much appreciate it if you could help out this town and its civilization to better feed its children and care for the sick.

Yours sincerely

Clients name

An Application for Financial Help from Prime Minister for Rural Areas

The Prime Minister,

Respected sir,
I don’t know if this letter will ever reach you considering the work load you have had on your shoulders since the protests in the urban areas are on a rise. Sir, I am a common civilian and am writing this application requesting your financial aid. Since your tenure as a prime minister started, you have indeed changed the face of this nation using your top notch political and bargaining skills.
I would like to take this moment and talk to you about the recent problems people have been having in the rural areas. As I come from rural areas myself it’s hard for me to see them in such poor conditions.
There is absolutely no school in most of the rural areas here. Children need an education; it’s just their right by birth. Some ministers just like taking the rights away from these children through corruption or any other mean they find.

Apart from schools there is just an average of two to three hospitals in the rural areas which creates many problems for the residents there. The death rate in rural areas is on a rise and almost 10% of rural area population loses their lives every day just because of no or minimum hospital facilities.

Sir, I hope you will understand the situation and will aid the rural areas financially in order to overcome all of these issues and wake up in a better tomorrow.

Thanking you,

Application for Grant for Development/Repair/Maintenance

Sample application letter to request grant for development of roads, streets, street lights, sewerage, park, school, extension of any project etc.

Application for Grant for School Development

The State Government
United States of America

Respected Sir,

I am Sheldon representative of the city high school. Sir I am writing this letter to bring it to your kind notice that our school is lagging behind in a lot of areas. Sir the class rooms require new paint as they are getting damp day by day , the school library needs new computers and the labs are also empty of the basic lab material.

Sir we aim to teach our students in a very progressive manner but that is not possible in such conditions. Sir I am applying for the annual school grant and I hope you will not deny it. You are also welcome to pay us a visit at the school.

Please pay heed to my kind request.


Application for Grant for Repair of Drainage system

The District Counselor,
Nawankot, Guslahan-e-Ravi, Lahore

Dear Sir,

We encountered a water drainage problem which occurred three weeks ago. The drainage problem has caused huge land pollution due to the foul smells of the garbage which is seeping through water to our main gates and people started suffering from various diseases.

Moreover this drainage problem has also caused a large buildup of traffic on our road side and is becoming worse day by day. So I kindly request you to deal with this situation on first priority bases. I shall be very thankful to you.

Yours Truly,

Haris Mahmood