Letter to Prime Minister for Grant, or Financial Help

Request letter to the prime minister for rural development grant for your area. You can also request financial help from a local company to develop your village, area, town, city, etc.

Application to PM Office for Grant for College or University

Dear Sir,

I want to request for issuing a grant for a local educational project (project name if any), which is the utmost need of time and can be a game-changer for our district. Around 2000 families of this area will have an immediate benefit from this project. People of this area are demanding a higher education institution (college or university) for a long time. Still, it is the best time to provide this relief and any delay may cause damage to the future of the youth of the area with unemployment, which could be a new challenge in near future. I reqeust you to please approve a gran of 50 million for early launching and timely completion of this project.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Letter to Prime Minister for Grant, or Financial Help

Dear Prime Minister,

I am writing to you for an application for financial help for my town. I am the mayor of this town, and the civilians are struggling with just living and surviving on very little money.  We are asking for a loan, or a boost in wages, or lower taxes just so that the civilians can have more money for food and a roof over their heads. When you live in rural areas such as this, you don’t get much trade from travelers, and it isn’t easy to go into another town or city every day for work as they are both miles away and can not afford the travel.

I would appreciate it if you could help out this town and its civilization to feed its children better and care for the sick.

Yours sincerely

Your Name

An Application for Financial Help from Prime Minister for Rural Areas

The Prime Minister,

Dear Sir,
I don’t know if this letter will ever reach you, considering the workload you have had on your shoulders since the protests in the urban areas are on the rise. Sir, I am a common civilian and am writing this application requesting your financial aid. Since your tenure as a prime minister started, you have changed this nation’s face using your top-notch political and bargaining skills.
I want to take this moment and talk to you about the recent problems people have been having in the rural areas. As I come from rural areas myself, it’s hard for me to see them in poor conditions.
There is absolutely no school in most of the rural areas here. Children need an education; it’s just their right by birth. Some ministers just like taking the rights away from these children through corruption or any other mean they find.

Apart from schools, there is just an average of two to three hospitals in the rural areas, which creates many problems for the residents. The death rate in rural areas is rising, and almost 10% of the rural area population loses their lives every day just because of no or minimum hospital facilities.

Sir, I hope you will understand the situation and will aid the rural areas financially to overcome all of these issues and wake up to a better tomorrow.

Thanking you,
Your Name

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