Leave Application for Guest Coming

Sample leave application due to arrival of guests at home like a friend, uncle, aunt to ask about the health of your father, mother after sickness, surgery, operation, etc. Leave Application for Receiving and Hospitality of Guests Dear Sir, Guests are coming to our house today, so I need two days off from the office … Continue reading “Leave Application for Guest Coming”

Fundraising Event Invitation Letter Sample

Sample invitation letter to invite guests, and donors in a fundraising event for welfare society, welfare organization, school, dispensary, and hospital etc etc. Invitation Letter for Fundraising Event Sample Mrs. Memoona Malik, Managing Director, The Fashion Company, Model Town, Lahore. Subject:  Invitation for a fundraising event at Polo ground Dear Ma’am, The Cancer Memorial Hospital … Continue reading “Fundraising Event Invitation Letter Sample”

Apology Letter to Guest Complaint in Hotel

Sample apologize letter to guests from the hotel manager, hotel management, or manager operations in hotel to regret all the inconvenience a customer, or client faced during the stay in hotel. Apology Letter to Hotel Guest for Noise Complaint Respected Guest, We apologize for bad experience of Noise, and Poor Room Services you had encountered during … Continue reading “Apology Letter to Guest Complaint in Hotel”

Letter of Invitation for Sports Event Template

Want to write an invitation letter? Sample letter of invitation for sports day in school, college, university, or company to guests, teachers, students, representatives, teams, etc. You can change the letters as per your needs, and if you need a new one, just let us know in the comments. Sample Invitation Letter for Sports Event … Continue reading “Letter of Invitation for Sports Event Template”