Diwali Holiday Announcement Email to Employees, Customers


Format of wish letter to send to employees on the joyous occasion of Diwali. Employees are the backbone of a company, and wishing them properly at any festival is a company’s duty. Diwali is also known as Deepawali. Diwali gift ideas for employees are available here.

Holiday Notification on Diwali Festival for Employees

Staff members. All of you please note that the company office on (day and date) will remain closed on the eve of Diwali. So all of you celebrate the joys of Diwali to the fullest. Thanks, Happy Diwali

Sincerely Yours,

Your name

Holiday Announcement for Deepawali Festival (Gazeted Holidays)

Dear Company Staff Members,

According to government notification on Deepawali holidays please note that the office will remain closed from (date to date). Stay happy and celebrate the Deepawali to the fullest.

Happy Diwali


Your Name

Diwali Holiday Notification to Customers/Clients (How to Inform Clients/Customers on Diwali Holidays)

Dear Sir or Madam,

All esteemed customers please note that our office will be closed on the auspicious occasion of Diwali from (date to date). We are thankful to all the customers and regret any inconvenience.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name/Business

Wishing Diwali , and Holiday Notice To Employees

To the Employee,

I hope your work is going well. This email informs you that the office will be closed from Wednesday, 7 November (Date) to Friday, 9 November (Date) due to Diwali Holidays or Deepawali Holidays.

Kindly report back to the office on Saturday, 10th October (Date) at 08:00 am.  All the meetings during this time will be canceled and set on some other day. You will be informed about the changes later on. Enjoy your holidays.

Happy Diwali in advance!

Manager High-Tech Communication,

Diwali Holiday Announcement Email to Employees

Dear Employees,

We wish to inform our respected employees that from the (date to date) company office will be closed for the holidays of Diwali.

May you all enjoy a happy and blessed occasion with your families and loved ones.
Happy Diwali!

Management – Airtel Telecommunications, F Sector Offices
Mumbai, India

Circular for School Holidays


How; to write circular for staff, students, and parents

Circular for Summer Vacations

To all staff, students, and parents

I am writing to you all because I would like to make a few announcement. I would like to start by saying congratulations to all the year eleven’s who have finally completed all their exams, and to all the New Year seven students who have made it into this school.  As some of the staff, and students have noticed we have started construction on the west side of the school. This side contains the science building, and we are going to have all new equipment, and class rooms.

This is down to the government giving us the extra funding that we needed to upgrade. The construction is being planned to finish by the time the school will reopen for the next year to begin. This will begin in the new school year, and will take place by communicating, and cooperating with the other schools nearby. The objective will be for a bunch of students, and staff to swap schools, and see the teaching techniques, and swap information.

It will be for a week at a time, and each week it will be different people so that everyone can get the chance, and experience. So in the next year we as a school have a lot to look forward to. So again congratulation to the year eleven’s, and take care we will miss you. I will see all the students, and staff for the new school year starting in September. Have a nice summer holidays.

Yours sincerely,

School head teacher

Letter of Complaint Holiday Accommodation


How to complain about a holiday booking. Holiday complaint letter examples. Letter of complaint hotel example. Complain about hotel service.

How to Complain About a Holiday Accommodation Letter

I am writing to you because during the New Year for a whole week I, and my all of family stayed in a caravan by the beach in one of your holiday parks. I would like to complain about the level of hygiene mainly your pillow, and duvets in your bedrooms. All pillows had stains, and the blankets had worse stains. The fridge was disgusting behind it looked as if it hadn’t been clean in months. Also it smelled bad. The carpet it supposed to be red but looks black.

The overall experience in your caravan was mentally disturbing as my kids found rat droppings in their room, and you can imagine if one of your kids got sick from this. We are lucky my daughter didn’t get sick.

Please train your house keeping staff. It is a humble request before someone gets really sick, and you have to go to court.

Kind regards,

Client’s name

How to Complain About a Holiday Booking

I’m writing to you because I, and my family had Christmas dinner at Captain Mammies your restaurant, and it was awful. First of all there is no hygiene in your kitchen, and your staff was not wearing hair nets to stop hairs getting into our dinner. Secondly we booked a table near the window we didn’t get this, and also we had to wait 30 minutes for a table with enough space for all my family.

Thirdly the meat was not cooked properly, and my son got sick. Fourthly your staff have no manners they was very rude did not apologies once for screwing up our table booking, and the late start to our dinner. Finally due to the late start to our dinner made us miss the show we had tickets to the show at the theater.

I hope you consider everything, and take action.


Client’s name

Leave Application for Eid Celebration


Best sample applications to get Eid Leaves from office, school to celebrate Eid with family, friends, and relatives outside of the city or foreign country/ abroad. How to write a leave letter to the teacher for my child to celebrate Eid with family.

Sample Leave Application for Eid ul Fiter

Dear Sir,

I want to request five days’ leave to celebrate Eid with my family at hometown. I need these leaves from (date) to (date). Eid is a religious festival to celebrate with family members. So I hope you will grant my request.
Sincerely Yours,
Your Name

Leave Application for Eid ul Adha Festival

Dear Sir,

I want to request three days’ leave for celebrating Eid ul Adha and Sacrificing an animal on this occasion as prescribed in Islam. Would you please approve my leaves from (date to date)? I will be thankful to you.

Warm Regards,

Your Name

Application for leave Extension on Eid

Dear Sir,

I want to request three extra leaves with the Eid Holidays as I have to travel to another city. So I request you to please approve additional leaves from (date to date). I will be thankful to you.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Eid Leave Application by Overseas Employees, and Workers

The Employer,

Dear Ma’am,
I humbly request that I am a Muslim and celebrate Eid with my family at home. Therefore, I request you kindly sanction five days’ leave, i.e., from (date) To (date). Thanking you in anticipation.


Your Name

Leave Application for Eid Celebration with Family

The Manager,

Dear Sir,
I want to request that I (Your Name) need six days to leave the office for Eid Celebration with my family members in my home country. Sir, I need leave for at least 10 days starting from 3 days before Eid and 7 days after Eid to spend enough time with my family members, relatives, and grandparents. I always avoid taking any leave, but on this occasion, my family is also asking me to come for some extra days on this coming Eid. Please grant me leave for 10 days from 16 September to 26 September. I will be thankful to you.
Thanks, and Regards,

(Your Name)

Leave Request Mail to Manager for Eid Festival

The Director,

C&S Wholesale Grocers,

Dear Sir,
I am writing for leave on coming Eid Festival to spend Eid with my family and parents. I belong to Karachi, and doing a job here in the USA, so on the upcoming Eid Festival, I want to go home at least two days before Eid Day to make some arrangements for the guests and shopping for my children. So I am requesting your approval for granting me leave on this most important festival of happiness to enjoy with my family. I will be thankful to you.
Sincerely yours,

Manager Operations

Eid Holiday Leave Request to Manager

The General Manager

Dear Sir/ Madam,

As you know that Eid-ul-Fitar is coming, and everyone plan for this event, especially those who fasten the whole month of Ramadan. My Family planed some trip shopping and Eid celebrations. They forced me to be with them. I don’t want to miss out on this great occasion, and my younger brother is also joining us as he is coming back from abroad after several years. I am very excited to be among my family on this occasion. So please be kind to me, and award me leave of just four days. Thanks.

Yours Sincerely,

Your Name

Leave Application Teacher for my Child to Celebrate Eid Out of City

The Principal,
Adab Iranian School,

Dear Madam,

My daughter Sana Faisal is studying in your school as a student in the prep class. On the occasion of Eid, we are going out of town to celebrate this festival at my parent’s home, where almost all of our family members will be present. Therefore, I request you to please allow her to leave 7 days (1 week holidays on Eid from 17th July to 24th July) from the school. I will be thankful to you.

Faiza Faisal
Mother of Sana Faisal

Leave Application on Eid to Attend Marriage After Eid

The Manager,
Sales Department,
AMS clothing Ltd.

Dear Sir,
I am writing this to inform you formally that I will remain on leave for one week after the Official Eid Holidays to attend the marriage ceremony of my elder brother (younger brother, uncle, friend, cousin, family member, sister, etc.). Therefore, I request you to please allow me and approve leave of one week in addition to the Eid holidays. I will be thankful to you.
Sincerely yours,

Your Name

Leave Letter to Celebrate Eid with Family Out of City

The Manager HR,
Aleem Corporation

Dear Sir,

It is stated that Rosey Khan has been working in the HR department as a Senior HR supervisor. It has been 8 months since I joined this company.

As you know that I belong from Layyah, and it is about a 10-hour drive from Lahore. Eid festival is coming after 5 days. Therefore, I request you to please grant me leave for 2 days on this Eid to spend & enjoy the cheerful moments of Eid with my family.

It will be your great kindness if you allow me the leave on this eve.


Rosey Khan