Circular for School Holidays

How; to write circular for staff, students, and parents

Circular for Summer Vacations

To all staff, students, and parents

I am writing to you all because I would like to make a few announcement. I would like to start by saying congratulations to all the year eleven’s who have finally completed all their exams, and to all the New Year seven students who have made it into this school.  As some of the staff, and students have noticed we have started construction on the west side of the school. This side contains the science building, and we are going to have all new equipment, and class rooms.

This is down to the government giving us the extra funding that we needed to upgrade. The construction is being planned to finish by the time the school will reopen for the next year to begin. This will begin in the new school year, and will take place by communicating, and cooperating with the other schools nearby. The objective will be for a bunch of students, and staff to swap schools, and see the teaching techniques, and swap information.

It will be for a week at a time, and each week it will be different people so that everyone can get the chance, and experience. So in the next year we as a school have a lot to look forward to. So again congratulation to the year eleven’s, and take care we will miss you. I will see all the students, and staff for the new school year starting in September. Have a nice summer holidays.

Yours sincerely,

School head teacher

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