Promotion Letter without Salary Increase

Sample promotion letter without salary increase. Promotion letter from employer to employee. Sample letter of promotion current employee. Promotion Letter without Salary Increament Dear Miss. Rosa Lee I am writing to you because I would like to discuss your recent application for a promotion. You have been working with us for quite some time, and last month one of our … Continue reading “Promotion Letter without Salary Increase”

Sample Letter to Parents about Fee Increase

Want to inform parents about increased fees for school/college? Sample Letter to Parents about Fee Increase. Tuition increase letter to parents. Daycare tuition increase letter. Sample letter explaining tuition increase. Letter to Parents About Increasing School/College Fees Dear Parents, The school administration has decided to immediately increase the monthly school fees by 10% in view of rising … Continue reading “Sample Letter to Parents about Fee Increase”

Rate Increase Letter for Services

Sample letter to clients informing them about increase in rates for your products, and services due to taxes, price hikes etc. Sample rate increase letter to clients, customers, employees. Sample Rate Increase Letter for Service To The Mr. Edward New York Dear Mr. Edward This is Peter from River Water & Co, and I am … Continue reading “Rate Increase Letter for Services”

Refusal Letter for Price Increase

Want to refuse rates revision? Sample application letter to company for refusing the increase in the bill, monthly bill, annual bill, etc. Email Letter to Refuse Rates Increment by the Service Providers, Vendors etc. Dear Sir, I received your revision letter. Thank you. The rates revision letter arrives every three months to increase your rate. … Continue reading “Refusal Letter for Price Increase”

Letter to Increase Rent to Tenant

Sample rent increase letter to tenant template is available for Ireland, UK, California, USA, Asia, Africa etc. Sample notice of rent increase to tenant, lodger, resident, Occupant in your house, shop, apartment, plaza, mall etc. Please find the letter below, and make changes as per your requirements. Rent Increase Letter to Tenant To, Mr. Hamilton … Continue reading “Letter to Increase Rent to Tenant”

Request Letter for Increase in Credit Card Limit

Want to request an increase in credit card limit? How to write a letter to the bank to increase my credit card from 100$ to 300$ since I have been banking with them for the last 11 years. For my business issue, it is argent, please. Email to Request Increase in Credit Card Limit Dear … Continue reading “Request Letter for Increase in Credit Card Limit”