Refusal Letter for Price Increase

Want to refuse rates revision? Sample application letter to company for refusing the increase in the bill, monthly bill, annual bill, etc.

Email Letter to Refuse Rates Increment by the Service Providers, Vendors etc.

Dear Sir,

I received your revision letter. Thank you. The rates revision letter arrives every three months to increase your rate. Unfortunately, we can’t increase the rate every third month. Please do not send such letters repeatedly? Thank you.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Refuse Price Increase Letter

Dear Sir,

I have been using your services for one year, and thank you for always getting good service. I always paid the monthly cable bill regularly and never delayed it. But, yesterday I received the bill and was surprised to see an increase in the monthly fee. I wasn’t informed about this increase, and I should have been informed a month before about this change.  If you make any uninformed billing changes, it will inconvenience everybody, as sometimes we lack cash. So, I request you to charge the same previous amount and start new rates from next month.

I am looking forward to your positive response in this regard.

Best Regards,

Your Name

Refuse the Bill Rate Increase Email

Dear Madam,

Referring to your Rates Revision Letter #328805 for a 20% increase of courier service charges, I am requesting you to please don’t apply any increment against the account of RSE.

As you know, RSE is a charitable organization, and this is not possible for us to revise rates at this time.  Furthermore, the rates were previously revised in your letter, but we are not ready for any revision this time. You may notice that we are also increasing our monthly shipments, and this will be enough to compensate for your increment.

Please withdraw this letter, and don’t implement any price increase to our existing rates. We will be thankful to you.

Warm Regards,

Your Name

Refusal Letter for Price Increase

Dear Sir,

We have come to know about your request to increase the price of flex wire as they are in great demand nowadays, but we are sorry to inform you that we cannot consider your request because of the company’s policies. We cannot increase the price of goods just because it is high in demand, and also we cannot change the cost within two years as per the company’s policy of pricing. We respect your concerns, but for now, we are sorry to say this. I hope you understand our concerns. Thanks


Your Name

Email Letter to Refuse Rates Increment by the Service Providers, Vendors

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  1. Dear Sir/Madam
    We are providing Security, Housekeeping and other manpower services to some organisations from last few years. New we must ask them to Enhance the service charges billing amount. So, we are requesting to send us Enhancement Letter format and obliged.

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